RE: Help please: Bees (question from Jacqui Knight)

Hi Jacqui,

I got your question in an Oooby email but it doesn't seem to link to where you posted it so I am starting a new discussion. Hope you find it.

Use branches of Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)

Grows wild on lots of roadside banks.

I have used it successfully here for 35 years.

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Thanks Elisabeth, much appreciated.

Hi Jacqui,

I have also heard that Penny Royal works as well, probably the best thing is lots of high flowing through the supers.  The moths don't like the cold breeze.


the other approach is to freeze 'em out. you can slide one or two frames at a time into your freezer, then stored in airproof box. or find a business with one of those giant walk-in fridges.


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