Who's got the biggest red bomb out there?

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Oh dear Pete, I think we might be able to do better than that. Its not that I'm competitive or anything but ....before I turn these beautiful beef steak tomatoes into pasta sauce I thought I should let some one else enjoy them....The largest tomato is 12cm across, and the group of tomatoes is this mornings harvest. Well at least when I learn to upload photos onto this you'll be able to see them - bear with me I'm new at this....Does this make me the winner? Georgina.

Is this a winner?
Bugger! I've only just seen this - and I bottled the rest of my tomatoes last week - my biggest tomato was the size of a grapefruit - I kid you not. The tomato that got away...
Minka, you need to share your amazing talent! I've just pulled out a load of tomato plants tonight as they were really on their last legs but I really believe if i'd looked after them better I would have really got some great tomatos.... as a first timer and with my father-in-laws help, about 9 plants were planted but not a major crop... any secrets for a real beginner to growing tomatos? thanks so much, Helena
Lol love the photo Pete R.

I had some pretty impressive tomatoes back at the beginning of March.
I think the biggest was the length of my hand, from palm to finger tip.
... However it was kind of oval and disigured so it wasn't very attractive! lol.
It was also the pink variaty and it didn't have much flavour so I was a little disappointed.
They ended up ok roasted up with some red wine, basil, garlic, pizza thyme and rosemary though!
Made a very chunky sauce which was great on pasta and would be fantastic on some grilled ciabatta!
Does it have to be red??


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