I love the old bath tubs but even the newer models can have a 2nd life in the garden as a pond or plant barrier. Just drill extra holes in the bottom, ensure good soil drainage, set into the ground and plant that hard to control bamboo into it!

Here's a tub cut down to make garden seating!

Splish Splash I was taking a bath!

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The next time you head out to Italy, take a walk around Vicenza and you'll see street shrines to the Blessed Virgin, Jesus and a myriad of saints. Everywhere, in little grottos and frames. My answer to "why a bathtub Mary" was answered. Nearly every street corner or residential area had a small grotto or shrine filled with flowers and other personally placed items.

The inspiration:

The best of the tub makeovers I have ever seen was one where the tub was sunken end up, but it was a shrine to St Francis... all done in hypertufa and tile work. So pretty and a great place to feed the birds.
I would love to see that!
It was in New Orleans and I am unsure it survived the hurricanes there. I don't have a picture of it myself but would love one. Parts of me are going off to the races with the possibilities that I could make with these things. I see mosaics in my future.



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