There's just nothing better than compost! While your waiting for the compost to cook into "Black Gold", here's some interesting ideas that you might like to try out in the future!

So your tired of that standard wire look for your compost pile. Get creative and make sculpture with the wire!

These are the types of bins I use in my yard. I did a hole in a garden bed and set it down in the ground a bit, keeps vermin out. When it's full, I just lift it out and cover the compost with straw. Mother Nature takes over the rest! Here's a cute idea to decorate and utalize the ugly top!

For you folks that have the box type compost bins, how about decorating the front? Here's a cute idea, a Faux Bee Hive.

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I am just dying to try making a tea pot for my garden. (one can never have to many places to have a compost pile)
Hi Margaret, Just make sure to wear those protective gardening gloves!
Gorgeous......probably a bit too open for our wet winters here though. And given some of the things I stuff in the heap, I don't think my pile would look as pretty :)
Hi Sealander, Now you've got my interest! I get a ton of rain here in the Pacific Northwest ( I live in the shadow of the Olympic Rain Forest) and I find that if I cover my compost with a good thick heap of straw it does pretty darn good at cooking. I'm not even having a summer this year, it's rained hard the last few days and we've been hit with fog for months. Also, just what are you stuffing into the heap? I have a few crazy stories about what I've tossed into my compost!
Sealander... get creative with it! Weave some of the do not cross crime line tape through.... make big paper flowers to cover it up...LOL.
I seems to remind me of topiary... Plant vines up the side... I think this is now a must. I can't shut my brain off about it.
Got my leather gloves handy!
Here's something you just can't forget to take with you this weekend if your going to do a bit of camping!

A cute funny I ran across!

I really like the shovel and may have to knock one off for a gag gift!
At my age I call that a "Life Saver"!



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