I know that some of you are very interested in mosaic. Trying to keep it garden focused, I have done a bit of searching for some nice garden and porch display ideas. Enjoy!



House number plaques make wonderful gifts for any occasion!

Jazz up some old garden pots

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WOW! These are really beautiful. Each one is an original work of art.
I was quite surprised to find that you could go much further with mosaic than I had originally thought with the basic bird bath, bowling ball or table top. These next 2 ideas open a lot of doors on "potential"! This would be a wonderful winter craft to take up!

This would be wonderful for any kind of event held in your garden! When not in use it can really brighten up the seating area on your porch.

I remember these chairs from school! Spruce them up with mosaic and add to the seating arrangement on the porch.

Primed and ready to go!



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