Does anyone have experience with growing asparagus from seed. I planted them 4 weeks ago, have kept them moist and warm in a greenhouse, but thus far have one 1cm sprout. I was about to empty the tray out when I spotted it. Do the seeds need any special treatment to germinate? Or perhaps they just take a long time? Or need to be planted earlier in spring?

Any advice welcome.

Smiles, Laine

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Hello Laine, asparagus take ages to germinate, I have just potted up some seeds I placed between a damp kitchen towel inside a ziplock bag on 4 December - exactly 2 weeks ago and only half have germinated. The rest are still good, I've put them back between a clean towel and back into the bag. just took a peek and a couple more have germinated. I mist them with chamomile tea to stop them going moldy.
I sowed a batch last year using the same method and they have grown well, they have developed a really robust root system - discovered that accidentally when I dug one up weeding. It is definitely worth making the effort to ensure that the bed they're planted in is well weeded :)

I grow asparagus from seed every year off my own plants (pacific Purple),about the only thing they need is the seed raising mix needs to be 18Cdeg +,how old is the seed ??Megan- my seed doesn't take long to germinate at all

Hello Richard - both your seeds and one's I've bought all take ages with me which is why I presprout them in ziplock bags. I use commercial seed raising mix and have even put them on a heat pad in the past. Last year was the first time I had 100% strike rate. I don't have a green house so start them indoors. Not sure why they're taking so long to germinate for me.

it is easy to germinate from seed. 4 weeks is not a long time for any seed. Hang on to them 

laine, I have an oldcbut excellent book on seed raising. I can look up asparagus when i get back from holiday in the new year.

Thanks Everyone,

Still no sign and any more seedlings so I think I will try Megans trick in a Ziplock bag with a new batch.





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