I have a lovely crop of chillis on the plants in my wee glasshouse, but frosts are closing in and Im wondering if I pull up my chilli plants and hang them somewhere, like you do with tomatoes, will the chillis turn red and ripen?

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Leave them on the plant as long as possible. They will ripen if you bring them inside and put them in full sun, but their lifespan after than will be a lot less than one ripened on the plant.

If you want to dry them just hang them up.

yes, but what I want to know is if they will turn red when I hang them?

I have seen some green chilies that I have bought change from green to orange, but that is about it.  You will have a better chance of them going red if left on the plant, once they start to wrinkle a bit you may as well bring them in as they will never be going to go red on the plant at that stage.

Chili plants can be overwintered - I've kept mine going for two years, just put a fleece over them when a frost is forecast or if they're in pots, bring them indoors for the winter.

thanks, they are not in pots, and with the frosts we get here, its going to be very difficult to overwinter them!

If they are in a glasshouse they will be fine. They lose their leaves but the fruit ripens. Don't pull them up as some varieties live for a few years I had one plant they lasted 5 years, they look like twigs in the ground but come to life again in late spring!

thanks for that info...we get some good frosts here (valley in between Nelson and Blenheim) and I know the inside of the glasshouse gets frosted up so I shall cross my fingers..Ive spread some frostcloth over them for the present and will see what happens!

the smaller the chilli the more likely they are to be perennial. Once they have survived one winter they can actually reach the size of a medium sized bush.

thanks I shall have a go and see what happens :)



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