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it is a nautral product from sulphar - think its just a powdered form. Suppose it depends where it comes from whether it is 'organic' or not?
My answer would be "no". While it is naturally occurring, it is a chemical and toxic.

In my view using it runs against the goal of organic gardening - which is to work with the natural balance of the garden. The two things I know of that it is used for in the garden are to acidify the soil and deal to fungus. You can use peat to acidify the soil - and it will also improve it. If you have a major fungus problem, you are better off getting rid of the plants altogether, leaving the area fallow for a year and then planting something entirely different. If it is just a bit of fungus, then it is probably not doing much harm and there is no need to treat it directly. Spraying your with liquid seaweed will strengthen the plants.
Thanks for this. The suggested use was as an anti fungal for on the cut edge of a seed potato, do you or anyone have an organic suggestion, I had heard of using comfrey leaves but don't have any yet they are just budding.
You could try wood ashes, although if you let the cut dry out before planting it might not need anything?
I was thinking about this the other day. What if you coat the cut potato with honey? It is supposed to be the wonderfood with anti-nasty qualities???
My organic gardening book suggests slaked lime or wood ash to coat the cut edge of the seed potato. But the other option is just not to cut them at all. The seed potatoes are required to be already treated with a fungicide to be sold. I think this is one of those areas you end up having to make an exception - so carefully using some sulfur is not that 'evil' either.

Honey I don't think would work - only high grade manuka honey has any real antibacterial properties and its not going to work against fungus - it might actually encourage it?
Why coat the spud with anything,if you do cut it,just dry it in the sun for an hour or so.



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