is there any way we can get advice on what fruit trees would be suitalble to grow on our Titirangi property?

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Thanks Debbie - that is very helpful advice and will definitely check their website

Debbie L said:
For those in the Auckland region looking for information about fruit trees and a reliable place to buy I recommend Kaipara Garden Centre. They specialise in trees that do well in the warmer Auckland region (ie stone fruit that does not need as many hours of cold etc) and their web site is a wealth of information. Even if you don't buy from them, check out their site as they talk about the conditions etc each variety of fruit tree grows well in.
Hi Vivienne. I live in Glen Eden and have got fruit trees growing as well. I have planted about 27 on my property over the last 6 or 7 years and just wanted to share my thoughts. I have two peach trees which do indeed get curley leaf every year ( I use a copper spray to aid in this but they get it all the same ). Having said this though, they always deliver the most amazing peaches so I'm not worried about it at all.

Also.. plum trees often need a pollinator, so if your plum isn't fruiting then I would imagine that you need to get a pollinator for it ( i.e another plum which pollinates your particular variety ).

I'm also aware that fruit trees need magnesium and potasium in order to fruit well, so it might be that they need this and not necessarily more water.. you can read about it here

I'm no expert but I just thought I'd give you my two cents :)
Hope it helps.
Darn thats a shame to hear about that. I am not sure what my peaches are unfortunately.. they are the two trees which we have been mixed up on. One of them was sold to us as a golden queen but I am certain that it isn't. One might be a Black Boy but the flesh is white with only a hint of red toward the skin area. The other is yellow but with red tints on the skin, and the flesh is very soft and yellow, not golden like golden queens.

Anyway, the apples I have are Fuji and Braeburn, and they both seem to be doing alright although the wind realy knocked the Braeburn about and it has taken it ages to grow.


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