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I am after some information or advice on the state of my rhubarb. The stalks are about 60mm x 20mm thick and only get a slight tinge of red on them, the leaves are quite large and totally cover all the stems. When I pull the stalks out and cut the ends they split and curl up.

It is planted in a raised bed.

Do I have a problem or can I use them the size they are?

Thank you


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I have two varieties of rhubarb, one is red but the other larger one is, 'glaskins perpetual' mostly green. perhaps this is the variety you have.
Having just googled glaskins perpetual I don't think this is it but thanks for the reply.
the traditional way to grow rhubarb in the rhubarb capital (Yorkshire) is to put an old rusty bucket over the rhubarb (so rusty the bottom has actually fallen out). This will give you longer thiner, sweeter and redder stalks. 

I think I'd need a rusty horse trough to go over the plant as it's about 700mm high and over a metre in diameter.

As a Yorkshireman myself I didn't know that it was the rhubarb capital - very interesting. Thanks for the reply

try an old oil barrel? Or cut it back first then stick the bucket on it

So you have never heard of the rhubarb triangle tisk, tisk shame on you. (lived in Yorkshire for 10 years before I emmigrated here)

Well, well, well. I've just googled the Rhubarb Triangle and learnt something. I'm amazed that I didn't know anything about it as it is the area I'm from - Bradford, Leeds, Cleckheaton with Wakefield on the cusp, mind you it is 30 years ago since I lived there. However I do recall as a youngster with pals going down local country lanes picking blackberries and then going into paddocks and getting rhubarb and then the trek home with stomack pains, we'd possibly had crab apples as well.

i have recently read on google that if you add wood ash around your rhubarb it will turn red.  Apparently leaving the spent leaves and stems around the base of the crown alter the PH of the soil and this makes them green.
Thanks for this discussion. I have been growing gigantic rhubarb for years and it was always green stemmed. Disappointed I went out and bought another variety, thin stems and definitely red, planted it and it is now growing mainly green so have thought it must be to do with the soil pH.
Make sure that the wood ash is from untreated timber and also make sure that you remove the dead leaves and stalks, this could be exciting
Thanks for the info. There are quite a few dead leaves and stalks around the base which I will remove and take it from there. If I still have the same issues I will transplant it into the garden and accept it as a shrub and buy another for the raised bed.



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