One of our two rhubarb plants has green stems - very little redness in them. Are they still OK to eat?
The other plant is a year younger (too small to pick from yet, but has bright red stems....

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Hello Paul, there are different varieties of rhubarb and one of yours is a type that has green stems. They're still fine to eat.
Great, thanks for the info. I'd never seen green stem rhubarb before now, so just wanted to make sure!
It makes sense that different varieties may have different colourings too.
I also wonder if the amount of sunlight could also have an effect? The green stem plant is in quite a lot of shade, while the other plant gets full sun...
Hi Paul,I think that its just the variety as to way one is redder than the other,i have two different varieties, one is a green long stem type and other is short stocky and red,i find the green is the taster.



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