Hi Everyone. Planted a young Avocado tree in a likely spot in the garden a couple of weeks ago.
It has looked pretty sad since then. Droopy and wilted leaves all the time - except 1st thing in the morning when it seems to have recovered a bit.
It's not in a particularly hot spot, has heaps of moisture, straw mulch around the base and a shade cloth cloche on all sides and top. I added the cloche a week ago as I thought it might help, but doesn't seem to have made any difference. Any further suggestions?
I also planted out 10 other fruit trees (not avo's) at the same time and they are all thriving.

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You could try adding arnica or rescue remedy to a bucket of water and giving it some-seriously. I used to always add arnica to the water I used when potting up seedlings when i had a small nursery business, and had great results with transplants.. Don't overwater. Avocadoes can get rootrot. Seems like you are doing all the right things. Did it get some root damage, maybe, when it was transplanted?



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