hi guys
who knows where I can purchase new 'pop' up lids for jam (or any other bottled item bought) size jars.

Also I have bought old Agee and Mason jars. Found that the green rings does not fit the Mason jars. The gold ones do. Where can I buy the gold rings. I got a few second hand gold rings with the jars but some of them have a bit of surface rust on. will it be ok if I clean them up and sand the rust off. can I still use them. New seals off course!

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Hi Jeffie

I've had lots of luck with op shops. If you don't manage to find any, let me know - I have collected a fair few and can probably spare some.

That said, I've decided to keep the agee jars for *really* special things, as I think jam and other reused jars are better for preserving things I'm going to eat relatively regularly as using up the agee seals can get quite pricey! (Jam jar lids can be reused a few times, rather than the agee seals which you have to throw away once you've used them.) The rust on the rings doesn't matter as you only use them for keeping the seal on, then you take them off once the jar has cooled and the seal has formed properly.

Arthur Holmes probably for the lids, like Anna said.
HI, thanks Anna and Sonya. I had a look at the website and emailed them.

I must admit, I have also decided that it is easier to use the smaller jars for pickles and daily preserving. I use the selofane covers on really thick relishes etc but need lids for the more funnier pickles.

I will try the op-shops in town. Before I emailed I threw a lot of gold rings away - Bugger! thought they were rusty and can't be used. will know better in future.

Sonya, you say the can take the rings off once the seal has formed? so don't you need to keep the rings on? I did not realise the seal will be ok without the rings. Lots of learning to do!

Have you tried to put a wax seal on bottled fruit? Is that a safe way of sealing?
Yesterday I bought perfit seal lids from Pak & Save in Henderson by the Aquatic centre. They fit agee jars.
my wife-Jeanette does the jam making,but we have had relitive sucsess not at the pack and save henderson but next door at mighter 10 mega
hi Jeffie,
You can by new seals large and small in orewa new world and gold and green bands, as another customer and I ganged up on the stockman there and made him get the whole range in. They also supplier the jars large and small.



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