Hi, we have a sandstone rock wall in our backyard, with not much soil to grow on below, though we have started getting potting mix, onto the concrete bed. Is there anything that anyone can suggest, besides, passionfruit,to grow here, at most times the area, is a bit moist, and it has part sun most of the day. Oh and the soil is often water logged.

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you won't get much to grow in water logged soil, most plants succumb to that eventually. maybe cranberries but they are a low growing groundcover, do you want something to go up the wall? maybe you could put something in a pot and then train/espalier it. figs are good in pots and can be espaliered.
Thanks for the reply, Yes I am looking for something to go up the wall, I now understand that I either use pots, or try to get the water away from the soil. Thanks Again
Rhubarb doesn't mind a boggy soil...



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