My yields have dropped, even though I've been applying my own compost. It is Devonport volcanic loam. I'm thinking just resting from now until next spring, maybe a green manure crop. Any suggestions for a green manure crop from mid April, or other suggestions to put the zing back in  to the soil?

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i use lupins and oats myself as a green crop
You are doing right to put in a green manure crop - even just letting it go to weed for a while will give the soil some time rebalance naturally. But some legumes will give it that extra nitrogen fix.

Compost is great for conditioning the soil but doesn't have a lot of nutrient value of its own. I would suggest adding manure to your compost as you make it. You can buy sheep pellets quite cheaply - but if you can source horse manure that is even better. Also, if you don't mind using it, blood and bone is a great booster for plant growth - both in the compost and as a side dressing.
We have begun using Bio-dynamic preparations and have noticed a huge improvement in the garden yield. We have heavy clay soil and it has made a big difference to our fruit trees as well. It's the only thing we have done differently that could explain the improvement.
Thanks for your advice


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