Hi all,

I am designing a food forest  and have an area that will be quite damp in winter. The ground is reasonable free draining, and I will add a small surface drain with pebbles in it, but it is the low point in that part of the property. I am planting a large variety of the usual temperate climate fruit trees, berrys etc. but am not sure which would suit this wetter spot. It gets great light in that spot  all year round  and is well sheltered. Can anyone suggest what trees or shrubs might do ok there? I had an apricot in a damp spot in our last place, and even though they are not meant to like wet feet it thrived. However it may be a bit big to put there, and given the great winter sun I was thinking non-deciduous plants would be best suited there.

Thanks for your ideas!

Cheers, Laine

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my feijoas seem quite happy in what is a very wet area in winter. 

Where are you? Lots of subtropicals like the damp... try sugar cane :)

Hi Laine,

You could try Tamarillo and/or guava there, if you are frost free. They would love the shelter and full sun. If you are unsure about the trees coping with wet feet raising them up on a mound even 20cms can make quite  difference to root health.  Generally stonefruit and citrus don't do well with wet feet so your experience with the apricot is surprising. it just shows how there is an exception to every rule. ; )  Good luck! 

Cheers,  Ingrid

I have read that blueberries can cope with a wet site as long as it is free draining. Rabbit eye are the least picky variety.

Thanks everyone,

I have tamarillo, guava, feijoas and blueberrys all in my plan, so I will see if I can tweak it to move them there. Kelly, I am in New Plymouth. I had thought of trying sugar cane. It would not thrive where we are, for sure, but may grow some!

Smiles, Laine



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