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We are on a sloping, windy, urban section in coastal Christchurch but have planted a good selection of fruit trees (Feijoa, Lemon Meyer, Apricot, Plumcot, Conference Pears, Apple trees). They are all 2 or 3 years old now and most (not the pears) have produced a respectable first season of fruit. My question is what is the best thing to grow underneath this whole orchard area. It's just bare ground (and weeds!) with a bit of mulch and old carpet around the trees themselves at the moment. I'd like to plant something that attracts some bees, looks OK (well anything would be better than the weed-fest there at the moment) and won't compete with the fruit trees.... Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!


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looking in tha latest kings seed catalogue they have a mixture of seeds specially for this  called beneficial insect blend which includes buckwheat, dill, bishops flower, parsnip ammi visnaga ( I had to look that up, its a  relative of carrot) fennel, daucus carita, phacelia, bergamot, alyssum.



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