I know they grow from cuttings and by suckering- but where can i GET these? I am happy to buy and to pay all costs etc in order to procure a dozencuttings...

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Elderberry cuttings ready to go, PM me your details for delivery by post.

Do you still have any of these, and know how big they get and how long they take to fruit? Sorry to dredge up an old thread but I have young children and would love elderberries to help them through winter ills!

Hi Amy.i know that they can flower very early,ive got a tree thats only a meter tall thats flowering

That sounds promising!

Hi Amy! I have several trees, when I say trees, Ireally mean lil tiny bushes, lol. They struggle here in Kawerau, we do get very cold in the winter. However, the few I have  will need a trim back( a little) after this years seeds  are done. I could send you those, if you'd like? Or I could keep some seed for you? Just let me know.

Oh, I would love that! Thank you so much! I'm not very green-fingered (getting there) so if you have a small cutting or two and some seed that would be AWESOME. If you PM me I can send you my address & pay postage. I'm in the Wairarapa - just moved - and we get very hot summers but frosts over winter so hmmm...

UM... I can't see where PM is...I have sent a friend request , because I can not email you thru here without us being friends.Soon as I have your acceptance I will email and we can get address etc..ok?

Don't worry about frosts, they are native to Northern Europe which gets very sever winters

I still have some trees, I can take cuttings again...They were popular!

PM me your address and I will send some to you. The easiest thing to do with cutting is sit them in water (or put straight in ground) the harder wood bits will start to get nobbly bits that will be the roots, then plant. Either way is good. I have a small tree too which is about just over a metre high with lots of flowers.

I picked a lots of berries last summer and froze them. When I made my plum jam I added some into that and it was great. No recipe or specific amount!

I have a variegated tree which has yellow and green leaves so it is decorative, as well as productive.

Let me know if you want a cutting. 

Hi made use of the elderberry tree in many ways when i lived in the uk. I want to dothe same here in NZ . Where are there bushes/trees in NZ and do they grow better in the NI or the SI. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Would appreciate cuttings if possible. Thanks Just joined this site looks good!

Hi everyone, I also am looking for a cutting, or a place to buy a tree, or anything - I'm in Auckland, anyone here got a tree I can have some of?



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