I know they grow from cuttings and by suckering- but where can i GET these? I am happy to buy and to pay all costs etc in order to procure a dozencuttings...

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I have a healthy elderberry tree which could give you some good cuttings - where are you?
I live in Kawerau, but am happy to pay all costs...
I would love some cuttings too! I am in Mangakino and happy to pay postage/costs
I'm in Marton which is not too far away, right??
where abouts you? I could tell you dozens of places in chch that you can get them. They also grow easily from seed and right now is the time to be picking berries.
The only thing with seed grown elderberry trees is one tree can have different tasting fruit to another next to it,nor sure if this makes any difference or not to the seedling
I wouldn't have thought so, to my knowledge elderberries have never been bred commecially, so unlikely to be any F1 hybrids amongst them.
I am in Kawerau.... but i would be happy to pay all costs to get some cuttings..
Elderberries a very rampant!!! WE have been cutting them down around our place. I have however left two trees to collect berries from, if I can beat the birds.... I'm also happy to share cutting and or seed what ever you might like.
I am in Kawerau...
Would also like a cutting if there are any going. I'm in west auckland.
Thanks so much everybody! Wow... i never knew the elderberries grew so well in NZ! ..To those who have offered cuttings, I am happy to pay all costs, if it is possible to get them sent here...do i just put my address on here?



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