Following the Ooooby organised screenings of DIRT! The Movie some months back we sourced this DVD for New Zealand supply. We now also have available Food Matters, The Power Of Community and, just this week, FRESH The Movie. FRESH in particular parallels the philosophies of Ooooby. All of these titles are well suited for group home screenings with content that is thought provoking and guaranteed to generate inspired conversation. Trailers for all DVDs can be found linked from our webstore listings. Enjoy!


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DIRT Movie: I strongly recomend it. If you are a teacher, you must have it.

Same with the Power of the Communities, this one change the course of my life.

Thanks for the feedback Ricardo. You are going to love FRESH! Check out the trailer.

Sobbering... but you gotta watch One Man One Cow One Planet http://onemanonecow.com/ 


If you are Hamilton or Raglan areas, Whaiangaroa Environment Centre  has it http://www.whaingaroa.org.nz/ - $5 to join, and free use of the resources - VERY worthwhile. Or purchase http://www.cloudsouth.co.nz/products-page/ (& share with all your friends).  


Whilst I know the 'treatises' on the movie certainly are not scientifically substantiated explanations (in fact, some may make you laugh!), it does not mean they don't warrant further exploration... and what Peter Proctor has achieved, in particular in India is remarkable.



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