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  • Hi, is anyone able to help me to sort out the following according to sunlight requirement? apple, pear, plum, cherry, apricot, peaches/nectarines... I'm designing a food forest and need to place them in their best spot accordingly.

  • I am working through the Food Bill.


    My comment so far. It is the sort of legislation that was used in communist Russia to starve or otherwise eliminate somewhere between 30 million and 50 million Ukranians in the 1930's.


    Unless there is blanket exemption for home gardeners, farmers' markets, and bartering, we are heading down a fatal road. Let your MPs be clearly aware of our great concern.

  • See the link below for an English town growing its own veggies.


  • The Food Bill is a noxious bit of legislation. I have an excellent reply from the US. It is about an English town that is growing its food in open spaces. How do I put a link to the article?

  • Awesome! Again I like your thinking. =-) I'll do some research. Maybe we could focus simply on seed bombs and seed paper. Would probably be enough for an hour and a half. We could also have a little shared brainstorm on the night of other crafty things to do.
  • There's lots of seed bomb instructions online e.g. http://www.guerrillagardening.org/ggseedbombs.html 


    and many more.

    We could learn together if there's no one who's done it before to teach.

    Seed paper for cards/gift wrapping would also be cool:


    Let's get crafty!

  • Hey I like your thinking Emily! Plant bombs could be a new take on bath bombs as gift ideas. ;-) Anyone know how to make them?
  • Love that idea Pania. Hope some talented Ooooby members have cool things to share. I'd love to learn how to make seed bombs, plant-based Christmas decorations and yummy Christmas treats.
  • Hi all. I'm planning Oooobyversity for December. I'm thinking it could be fun and useful to share tips around making garden or foody christmas gifts. It would be great if we could learn from each other. Does anyone have any crafty projects for Christmas gifts that you would like to share tips on?
  • Thank you Carl Pickens for a wonderful inspiring and informative talk!! Thanks to those of you who could come along.
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DVDs for a better world

    www.HarmLessSolutions.co.nz Following the Ooooby organised screenings of DIRT! The Movie some months back we sourced this DVD for New Zealand supply. We now also have available Food Matters, The Power Of Community and, just this week, FRESH The Movie. FRESH in particular parallels the philosophies of Ooooby. All of these titles are well suited for group home screenings with content that is thought provoking and guaranteed to generate inspired conversation. Trailers for all DVDs can be found…

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Suggestions for Grey Lynn Ooooby-versity topics

For the last few months I've taken on the Ooooby-versity organising speakers.  Is there a good speaker that you think will interest the group? Do you think people want to know more about bees, avocado growing, irrigation and saving water, solar power, growing in a glass house? Or are there some topics you want to revisit in more detail. Also does the first Thursday of the month suit? Let me know and we can see what we can come up with.......

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