I discovered there is a farmer selling raw milk for 'pet food' at the Browns bay market, on from 7am till midday on sundays. (His stall also sells free-range eggs)

I am in Mt Albert and would be keen to join a co-op in this area. Suggestions for how this might work?


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I'm in Grey Lynn / Westmere and would be keen to join / start a co-op in the area.

Well done!!  If you want I can pass on the form that our group uses to tell people what and how to do things.  I'm sure more people will eventually find you which means less often than every other week.

Thanks Gwynn,  I would love to receive that form.  Can you send to claire_nz@hotmail.com.  Thanks so much. 

Hey Claire I get Raw organic milk from a farm and sell it in Grey Lyn on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12-1 for $2.50 if you want to get some.

Hello Josh, is this a first come first serve arrangement? or do people have priority for their involvement. If it is the former, I would love to buy some from you as soon as I know where to collect from? Just message me or text 0226006100. Cheers, Katie

Hi Lisa,m

 I'm in Grey Lynn, so not technically Sandringham but close and I'm interested.

Hi i have recently joined the group. In Hillsborough area.Any place around to get raw milk please.

I am in Greenbay and would love to get raw milk for my family,does anyone know of some where either out Kumue way etc? thanks

Hello Verena, is this group still happening? I live close enough to Mt Albert and would been keen to start up/join a co-op with you. I would be interested in shared trips to browns bay to get the milk etc. Let me know. Message me on ooooby or text 0226006100. Cheers, Katie



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