It would be great to get some feedback from people who were able to get to the Sally Fallon talks throughout the country : ) What were the highlights and what kind of useful information were you able to gather? I heard that there were a lot of people who had not heard of the WAP before so that is a big positive : ). Cheers.

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Sally and Geoff's talks were inspirational.  I am well enthused about making more changes to our diets - had liver for dinner last night...


So wonderful to finally meet the lady who changed my life - started me on a path of greater nutrition for myself and my family.



The Sally Fallon talk was a bit mind boggling but great. It really makes a lot of sense and it's interesting how the modern approach to 'good nutrition' has moved away from traditional foods, under the guidance of corporate food giants.

Sally focused a lot on the importance of traditional diets for fertility, and blames our modern diets for the increase in infertility.

She explained the importance of Vitamins A,D and K, and how they work together. These vitamins are contained in grass fed animal products, oily fish and shellfish, and they are crucial for growth, sexual function, etc and also combine with other foods to aid digestion.

She also emphasized the damage that pasteurization does to milk; how pasteurized milk is difficult for our systems to digest, and is completely lacking in the beneficial enzymes that raw milk contains.

I have been on the GAPS diet for nearly a year, reccommended by my Naturopath, which follows much of the same ground as Weston Price's recommendations. The more research I do - the more I believe that this is the answer to most of our health problems. I myself am recovering from Chronic Fatigue and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but I think diet is the key to everything from Mental Health issues, Diabetes, addiction, eating disorders, learning dissabilities etc


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