Last year I made a massive load of saurkraut in a specialised crock that was 20litres....I dont have access to that vessel anymore and so will use large jars for the next batch I intend to make.

What are peoples experiences in using jars for the first stages of saurkraut, and what do they use to cover the top i.e to stop bugs etc getting in?  I was thinking a piece of thin material might suffice? My understanding is you need the saurkraut to release its gases and so it wouldnt be a good idea to have a screw on lid as the gas wouldnt be able to escape!


Be good to hear of experiences where people have substituted the expensive crocks for something more homemade.


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that makes perfect sense....especially if you are making kraut in the height of summer and the weather is "too" warm. i would love to get my hands on a cabbage planer...we used one last year but it needed a bit of modification as you could easily slice your hands off!


lol - I think my friends are now just plain too afraid to ask...  However there are never a shortage of those wanting seconds!


The Pickled vegetable recipe is going into the cookbook I'm writing - all very low carb, fresh, seasonal recipies that taste amazing, and make you feel good but don't break the bank!



I cheated - I use my old food processor as I like my fingers attached...

Unfortunately it is in America but You can get a cabbage shredder here

I have found this site to have many old style products as the main market is the Amish.

Ooooooooooooh my 'crock' is bubbling and fermenting like a wild thing


Essentially it is

1/2 head of very fresh red cabbage - Shredded

4 large fresh carrots - Grated

2 peeled broccoli stalks - Grated

1 1/2 tsp Natural salt (not iodised) of choice

2 tsp whey (from my home made yogurt)


Massage everything together, then really jam into a 2l glass jar with a rubber seal and flip glass lid.


Leave on your counter top for 4 - 5 days - oh and put a bowl under it, as it will 'bubble over' - I save the 'juice' for my next batch of pickled veg.


Once fermented (The jar stops bubbling) just pop into the fridge and enjoy.  I put a splash of cold pressed sesame oil on top, and it's totally delish!!


You can use any soft of firm fleshed veg - including capsicum, cucumber, carrot, broccoli or cauliflower stalks, cabbage, kholrabi, kale etc.


Not much luck with putting tomatoes or courgettes in - and haven't tried eggplant...

I would like some advise re sourkraut. I made a batch using red cabbage and kohlrabi, and followed s fallon's recipe from nourishing traditions with whey and caraway seeds. however the liquid seems to have cyphoned out and is sitting in the dish under the jar. I put a plastic bag over the top and filled it with salt water and then a rubber band, so hasn't been exposed to air but all the liquid seems to have gone. the cabbage has started to change to a pinky colour so I am assuming it is turning acidic but how long should I leave it, she says 3 days only I think, and should I top up the liquids somehow before storing in the fridge? never done this bwefore obviously lol.

Hi Kali


I collect the liquid that bubbles out in a bowl, then put in a small jar - that is my starter for the next batch.  I only let mine go for about 4 days in this weather - probably about 7 days when it gets cold - but essentially once it stops bubbling, into the fridge it goes...  it has lost a bit of liquid - usually around 2 Tbs or so - so not a lot in the grand scheme of things...

I don't add anything else - or top it up, it's usually just fine.

I also don't bother with the salt water in a bag - once my veg, salt and starter have been massaged into giving up a bit of liquid, I squash it into a 2l glass jar, and I cut a bit of whole cabbage leaf into a circle, so it fits inside, and over the top of the veg, then I put the lid down and seal it. 


Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

hi Kali, I find sometimes if the liquid is going down, i add more whey to it. When we were on the GAPS diet we were eating more of the kraut liquid rather than they kraut itself so we found it went down a lot and i simply squashed all the kraut down and then added however much whey i needed to cover the cabbage etc. we have left some of our batches for quite a while brewing away, though it was over winter and much cooler....our huge batches were left in the crock for months!!  I think it doesnt matter how long you leave it, as long as you keep an eye on it as sometimes you get a bit of white growth on the top. This doesnt matter and i either scoop it out or mix it in! I would prefer to know that it was really fermented and reckon it tastes better the longer you leave it. its easy to tell if its ready, just taste it :)

thanks for that Bridge, the liquid is pretty much completely gone, but it seems to be keeping ok in the fridge, IU don't have a lot of whey, I make caspian sea yogurt and thats my only source. I quite like the taste of the kraut and if it improves with age it will be interesting. the family did try it, but whether it will become to their taste on a regular basis remains to be seen, we are used to pickled red cabbage which is so sharp and vinegary. Like all new things I have to remind myself to serve it up ! what kind of meals do others have it with?

My favorite meals to eat with Kraut would probably be my meaty soups and broths, seems to add a really good flavour to the fact any meat dishes and expecially sausages I enjoy it with. The traditional meal to serve it up with was bangers and mash I believe!

We were enjoying it so much that we were having it with everything! Also good with sliced cheese, as a bit of a condiment. Alot of the time our main meal is just a fry up of an assortment of veges and we would have it with that aswell.  I definately think it gets better with age, but like many of these traditional foods, each one is different! I replaced caraway with cumin which I like a lot more.


haha that brings back memories of pickled red cabbage and frankfurters my mother used to serve up :)

Hi, Come and see me at Sally Fallon Morell's talk here in Auckland - I have something perfect for the job that I'm sure will interest you and I plan to hold a workshop soon after Sally's visit - it'll be limited numbers however so if interested please seek me out. Caroline - S&E Auckland WAPF Chapter Leader.



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