Trades/Swaps/Wanted kefir grains, raw milk, sourdough starters etc.....

If anybody has surplus kefir grains, sourdough starters, raw milk etc it would be good to put it up on this discussion page. Then it is all in the one place and easy to find for future reference and newbies looking : ) Cheers!!

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Hi I'm looking for some water kefir or milk kefir grains, or sea caspian if anyone has any to spare - I'm in whangaparaoa, auckland.

Also I have a rye sourdough going if anyone wants some starter.



Hi Hanna,  I have milk and water grains and kombucha if you would like all 3.  You would have to come and pick them up though as i'm not sure how I would post them.  I am in Papatoetoe.

If you friend me i'll send you my phone number and address.

I'm currently trying to start a rye sourdough so you could give me some advice.



Hi Lisa, I wonder if you still have some of the kombucha and kefir?



Hi Roxana,  Yes, I have kombucha, water and milk kefir grains, although I do have someone wanting a kombucha and some milk grains so first come first served.  In in Papatoetoe.

not sure how to add you as friend so I can have your details. I can come and pick up anytime

I'm not sure either Roxana.  Let me see if I can remember how to do it or you can post me your number and i'll text you my details if that's ok.

my number is 021 721 219, thank you

Hi Lisa do you still have Kombucha on offer? I'm in Papakura can pop over to collect I have Ginger Beer plant can trade if you would like to.


Hi Sara, Yes going strong.  I don't even know what a ginger beer plant is but it sounds great!  I'll add you as a friend if I can, not sure how to do it.  If you don't get my friend request could you do it from you end please.

A ginger beer plant is a natural starter for making your own ginger beer it gets a better result than making a batch with yeast it is a living sccoby type sluhge at the bootom of a yar you feed 1/2 teaspoon powder ginger and 1/2 teaspoon sugar every day for 8 days then use the fluid off the top for making a batch a link here:

This recipe tells you how to start your own plant from scratch I have a spare plant here on the go already so it would make quicker result for you, you would just need to have a jar ready for me to tip the plant into

Also something extra I do is when I add the plant liquid to the sugar mix I also squeese fresh juice into the mix as well the easiest way is to grate some fresh ginger and to tie in muslin ans squeese that so the juice falls freely into your mix without any fibre getting in I then put the whole pot in the oven on very low so it is very gently warming hardly warming at all and I leave the pot in overnight this kick starts the carbonation you can add cloves or vanilla beans or whatever you want cranberries raisens etc up to you. I the morning I get up and bottle this mix and leave for about a week.


Hanna, I'm in Red Beach. Get in touch if you want :)


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