My water kefir grains are shrinking.  I don't think I've been doing anything differently.  I'm wondering if anyone has had the same problem and has been able to get them to grow again??




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Mine never have grown always the 2 tablespoons so never enough to share. Come on!  someone must know what we are doing wrong. Liquid still tastes good though.

Hi Lisa,

I have started giving my grains a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and crushed egg shells (from boiled eggs) and they seem to be growing again.  Apparently good for the health of the grains.

Good luck!

1/4 teaspoon baking soda to 6 tablespoons grains  does the trick. mine double each time and the chooks love them.  Jane

Hi Caroline, are you still getting bubbly soda?

Ive not experienced this problem but i believe they dont grow as much in the colder weather so perhaps put them somewhere warm.

Also, the grains will not reproduce unless they have enough sugar to feed on....i noticed that our grains didnt multiply when using honey, but soon started again when we back to just sugar/rapadura.

Perhaps try upping the ammount of sugar you put in there : ) hope this helps.

Hi Bridge, 

Thanks for that .  They seem to going well again now - see my above post re adding baking soda and crushed egg shells.



While we are on the topic of kefir grains... does anyone have a tried and tested recipe for a yummy fermented drink using kefir grains?

I bought some a few weeks back and made an apple and orange soda. It turned out bubbly and the initial flavour was good but it had a VERY strong yeast after taste. I let my brother taste it and he said it tasted like someone put their foot in his mouth... yes it was that bad!!

I made it by mixing apple & orange juice, water and sugar together with the grains and left it at room temperature to ferment. I took the grains out after 2 days and left it at room temperature for another day.

Any sugesstions would be appreciated.



Do you have the Eat fat lose fat book by Mary Enig? There are some great ideas in that. I have been experimenting recently with the water from young coconuts (you can order them from your local 4 Square). I put about 4 tablespoons of kefir with the water from one coconut and then leave it in a warm place over night - I use a clip top jar. Then transfer into a bottle with a clip top and put in the fridge. It gets fizzier the longer you leave it. Let me know if you want some ideas from the book I mentioned above and I'll look it out and write them out for you.

Hi Jolien, I was told on my very first time making soda that you dont flavour and carbonate at the same time. I dont know if this is true but it works for me. I make a batch of soda plain with filtered or rain water organic fine raw sugar grains and a small unsulphured dry fruit (fig, apricot, raisins) after its carbonated 24 hrs later i strain grains and fruit out put liquid into a pitcher (leaving 3inch clear of lid) and flavour- pureed/mush soft fruit such as strawberries, peaches or mango e.c.t. put a tight lid on and leave another 24 hrs. sometimes a wedge of lemon is nice gently squeezed then popped in in the 2nd part is nice.

If you make with coconut water like wapf nut then  you use this instead of filtered water in part 1. All the best :)

Are you keeping them in a sugary water solution inbetween brewing? I was told when I got water kefir that they should either be brewing or in the fridge in water (about a cup) with a tablespoon of sugar for every cup of water. Don't tightly screw the lid on when it's in the fridge as it might explode! I have my lid very slightly on at the back of the fridge so the gas can escape.

My water kefir is growing in quantity, and still works i.e. makes fizzy soda but the grains are getting smaller and smaller, until now they are so small many are almost a powder!  When I got them from a friend they were big, and she said they were doubling in quantity in just a few days! We live in the country and use rain water collected in a concrete tank, and organic sugar from Trade Aid. Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong?



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