Find out about gardening, cooking and related training - mostly in Hamilton & Tokoroa, Waikato, NZ - including workshops and demonstrations run by WIC. 

Over the coming months WIC is looking at running a range of workshops including:

* Growing vegetables from seed and container gardening
* Basic garden design
* Basic gardening skills
* Get Cooking! Healthy cooking techniques for what you grow.

If you have ideas for workshops, let us know - post a reply or contact Kathryn at K'Aute Pasifika Services (07-834-1482) or the Grandview Community Garden Mentors, Tim & Clare, (ph 021 0387623 or 021 2243109).

If you need an interpreter or help with transport, please let us know.

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Backyard Garden Design - a free workshop open to WIC members is scheduled for Saturday the 22nd October (Labour Weekend) at 2 pm with Clare Jackson of Green Footprint.    The workshop will be held in a private backyard garden = a maximum of 16 people: bookings are essential.  Contact Kathryn at K'Aute Pasifika to book a place (click on my photo of a variegated leek then on the 'send a message' icon).

Backyard Garden Design

Thank you Connie for showing us around your garden and talking about how the design has evolved since you started gardening in 2009!  It was an inspiring visit.

Here are some photos from the day, including looking at her main veggie patch outside the kitchen area, part of her orchard which is where her chickens are currently housed: among other things the chickens do most of the weeding, keep bugs under control, provide manure for the soil and provide up to one egg a day!  The chicken house (coop) has wheels on it so it is easy to move the chickens to where they are needed. 




WIC is running another Garden Design workshop for WIC members from 5:30-7 pm, Thursday 17 November. Learn the basics of how to design a garden with Clare Jackson of Green Footprint:
• Meet the gardeners and hear what they want
• Look at features of the site eg sun and shade, drainage, microclimates, soil
• Look at problems and resources
• Bring all the site information together and develop a garden layout
• Suggest a starting point for the new garden.

Please contact Kathryn at K'aute Pasifika Services if you would like to attend, to find out where to meet. If the workshop is full we will arrange another repeat of the workshop if there is enough interest.

Handouts from the Garden Design workshop can be downloaded below - thank you Clare Jackson of Green Footprint for making these available :-)


Clare amongst the silverbeet in George & Trish's garden talking about garden design. 

George allow's his silverbeet to go to seed, so there were hundreds of silverbeet seedlings starting to come up :-)


We are taking bookings from WIC members for the free Compost Workshop being held on Saturday 29 October in Melville from 2-4 pm.  The workshop is being led by the Permaculture Trust (Cheryl & Mike) and will include a demonstration of making a compost bin from pallets.

Compost recycles garden and organic household waste, creating a soil improver at little or no cost.  It can also be used as a natural fertiliser and an ingredient in making your own seed raising or potting mixes. 

At this workshop you can learn:

  • How to make a compost bin from recycled materials
  • How to make compost
  • How to use compost.

Please contact K'aute Pasifika Services for more details if you would like to attend.

Left: Compost bin made from free recycled tires, available to view at the Waikato Environment Centre.

Below: Typical home composting area, which includes recycled materials. 

There will be a repeat of the WIC Compost workshop on Monday 28 November 5:30-8 pm. We will cover:
• How to make a compost bin from recycled materials
• How to make compost
• How to use compost.

Compost recycles garden and kitchen waste, creating garden fertiliser at no cost. It can also be used as an ingredient in making your own potting and seed raising mixes.

Please contact Kathryn at K'aute Pasifika Services by email or (07) 834-1482 if you would like to attend, to find out where to meet.

Everyone got involved in filling the compost bin made from recycled pallets at Saturday's compost workshop the Samoan AOG - building and filling the compost bin was great exercise!     Turning compost is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise in gardening - a great way to warm up.

WIC Know your soil and weeds – Tuesday 6th December, 5:30-8:00 pm
Workshop participants will:
• Look at local soils’ physical properties and pH
• Identify how these properties affect plant growth
• Look at methods of caring for and improving soil
• Identify a range of garden weeds and what they can tell you about your garden
• Identify common poisonous garden weeds
• Discuss how to control garden weeds.
People who attend can bring a sample of their soil to work with, and any weeds they would like identifying.

If you would like to attend, contact Kathryn at K'aute Pasifika Services to book a place.  You will find out where the workshop is being held and what to bring when you book.

WIC Pests & Diseases Workshop – Monday 12th December, 5:30-8:30 pm
Workshop participants will:
• Learn to identify key local pests and diseases
• Companion planting for summer and autumn
• Organic sprays
• How to make liquid fertilizers.

If you would like to attend, please contact Kathryn at K'aute Pasifika Services to book a place. You will find out where the workshop is being held and what to bring when you book.

Hamilton Gardens – Productive Garden Tour & WIC Picnic

Visiting local gardens is a great way to find out what to plant when and about the growing habits of different plants. Hamilton Gardens in Cobham Drive is run by Hamilton City Council and is  a teaching garden. The gardens are world renowned and visited by many tourists each year. They are free to visit.

On Monday the 23rd January from 5:30-7pm we have arranged for a guided tour of the Productive Gardens at Hamilton Gardens. The productive gardens incorporate:
• the Sustainable Back Yard Garden, designed by the Hamilton Permaculture Trust to show you a diverse range of plants that you can grow in a small space
• the Kitchen Garden, based on a 4000 year old tradition of food gardens sheltered by high walls
• Te Parapara Garden, which demonstrates local Maori traditional gardening knowledge and culture.
There is more information about these gardens on their web site.

We are fortunate to have Cheryl Noble from the Permaculture Trust, Beatriz Hardy, senior tutor at the WINTEC School of Horticulture and Wiremu Puke, a senior and knowledgeable local Maori leader to lead the tours. If you would like to attend, please book a place by contacting K’aute.

Immediately afterwards, we are having a WIC picnic! The WIC picnic starts at 7pm and is open to all WIC members, no booking required. We are holding it on the Rhododendron Lawn. There is a map of the gardens on the Garden’s web site and with your newsletter. The Rhododendron Lawn is 11b on the map. Bring your own picnic (even better if it uses some of your garden produce!), and WIC will provide a fruity dessert. This is a chance to meet other WIC members and talk about your gardening experiences and your favourite ways of eating what you have grown. You are welcome to bring photos of your gardens – we’d love to see them!

If you have surplus seeds, plants, produce, tools or pots to swap or share, bring them along. WIC will have our usual box of seeds, containers that can be turned into pots, etc available for sharing.

There is a children’s playground across car park from the picnic site (number 6 on the map). If you want to do some more exploring, the roses will be in bloom (number 11a). The culturally themed Paradise Gardens (number 8) close at 8 pm. Hamilton Gardens gates are locked at 10 pm, but will still let cars exit.

Bring: Comfortable footwear, insect repellent, a picnic and an extra layer of clothing as it may get cool or be showery (but we hope not!)

Bus route: No. 17 Hamilton East/University – every alternate bus. NB last bus leaving the gardens is 6:55 pm. We are happy to try and arrange a ride home if you want to stay on for the picnic: please let us know before the 19th January.
Parking: Gate 2 entry, lower car park is closest to picnic site.

Dates for your diary...

If you use a diary or calendar, you may want to note these 2012 training events now:

22 Feb - Plants for free! Seed Saving & Plant Propagation

26 Feb - Dig Day Out - life cycle of a garden (public event put on by the Permaculture Trust & HCC)

21 Mar - Gardening in Winter

19 Apr - Gardening Tools: Selection, Use & Care

7 May - Gardening in Winter (repeat)

5 Dec - WIC Windup - celebration dinner.




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