Find out about gardening, cooking and related training - mostly in Hamilton & Tokoroa, Waikato, NZ - including workshops and demonstrations run by WIC. 

Over the coming months WIC is looking at running a range of workshops including:

* Growing vegetables from seed and container gardening
* Basic garden design
* Basic gardening skills
* Get Cooking! Healthy cooking techniques for what you grow.

If you have ideas for workshops, let us know - post a reply or contact Kathryn at K'Aute Pasifika Services (07-834-1482) or the Grandview Community Garden Mentors, Tim & Clare, (ph 021 0387623 or 021 2243109).

If you need an interpreter or help with transport, please let us know.

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Thinking about keeping chickens in your garden?  They can help you make compost, clear weeds, eat bugs, produce manure, produce eggs, make you laugh...  You may want to go to the National Poultry and Pigeon Show which is being held in Hamilton this year:

Hamilton Boys' High School, Hamilton, Fri 7 July – 8 July. 

WIC will also be running a workshop on keeping back yard chickens on Saturday the 4th August - contact Kathryn to book your place, ph 834-1482.

If you want to learn about planting fruit trees/starting a back yard orchard, you are welcome to come to the fruit tree planting at the Grandview Community Garden on Saturday 14 July - see for details.

Reminder: Learn about Fruit tree planting with WIC this Saturday 14th July 2:30  - 4 pm.

We will be planting up the trees we bought at the NZTCA Tree Crops Sale last weekend. Learn about:

  • different fruit tree's requirements
  • planting in different soil types
  • how & why to mulching your trees.

Where: Grandview Community Garden. Park opposite 183 Grandview Rd and walk across the grass.

For more information contact: 

Clare and Tim WIC Community Garden Mentors ph 021 0387623   021 2243109


All welcome. 

We will also have some Tree Crops Association publications for sale.


Ideally winter pruning is done by mid-July. (If you missed the earlier pruning workshops, we will run another one on Saturday 28 July.)  The prunings ( = cuttings, the pieces you have cut off) can often be used to grow new plants which will make good Xmas presents. 

Some of the things you can grow from cuttings include grapes (left), currents, figs, lavender, rosemary, roses...

On Thursday 19 July at 10 am Clare will be running a free WIC workshop on growing new shrubs and trees from cuttings.


Where: Grandview Community Garden. Park opposite 183 Grandview Rd and walk across the grass.

For more information contact:  Clare and Tim WIC Community Garden Mentors ph 021 0387623   021 2243109

If you are in Tokoroa on 19 July, Tim will be demonstrating planting fruit trees and making hot compost at the SWPICS garden.  For more information contact Tim ph 021 2243109 or SWPICS ph (07) 8860010.


On Saturday 21 July 2012 Tim will be leading a free hands-on workshop Creating warmth: building a tunnel house and other shelter at Grandview Community Garden, 9-3 pm

We will build the Garden’s tunnel house from recycled materials.  We will also have pictures and ideas for other forms of shelter you can build for your plants, such as green houses, cold frames and cloches.  Ask questions and share your ideas.  

By creating a warm micro-climate, you can start growing your summer plants from seeds while it is still cold outside.  If your shelter is tall enough, you can have more success growing sub-tropical plants, like galangal, tropical guavas, pineapples, etc. 

Everyone is welcome!

Where: Grandview Community Garden. Park opposite 183 Grandview Rd and walk across the grass.

For more information contact: Clare and Tim, WIC Community Garden Mentors ph 021 0387623   021 2243109


Photo: Bethy White's tunnel house, full of sub-tropical plants near Otorohanga.

Free WIC workshop: Pruning and productive back yard garden visit, Saturday 28 July 2-4 pm, rain or shine.  This workshop will be led by Peter McNaughton, who writes a column for the Weekend Gardener magazine.  Peter was an orchardist before moving to the suburban garden we will visit.  Come along and see:

  • a slide show showing how he designed and developed the garden
  • a pruning demonstration
  • tour the garden. 

They produce most of their own fruit and vegetables.  They use composting, liquid fertilisers and herbal ley under the fruit trees.  They built a green house from mostly recycled materials and collect the rain water from it to water their garden.  They also used to keep bees.  Come along and ask lots of questions!

Peter’s private garden is in Hamilton East - contact me to find out where to meet. 


If you can’t go to Peter’s demonstration, here are some other ways to learn about Pruning:

  • Locavore’s Pruning your own Fruit Trees– a fully hands on, practical workshop When: Saturday July 28th near Cambridge or Saturday 4th August, 9am to 1pm. $48 per person. Download a flier with more detail from WIC’s Ooooby Comment Wall.  To book contact Alison or Burton, ph (07) 823 4154 or email 
  • The Tree Crops Association Waikato Branch will also run its annual pruning day next month out towards Otorohanga. 
  • If none of these dates suit you, Dennis at the Kitchen Garden at Hamilton Gardens is very happy to answer your pruning (and other gardening) questions. You can usually catch him in the morning on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.
  • The Ooooby Pruning group has some good tips. If you join Ooooby and the group you can ask questions or share what you know.
  • Your local public library has many books on pruning that you can borrow - ask a librarian if you need help to find them - Hamilton City Libraries, South Waikato District Libraries
  • You can download a free pruning information sheet (pdf) from the NZ Gardener magazine web site. 

Get started with backyard chickens:

Join Clare on a free WIC workshop/ field trip to two established backyard food gardens that involve egg-laying hens:

  • Learn what hens need
  • Learn legal and health aspects of chicken keeping
  • Discuss hen breeds suitable for backyards
  • Where to get hens
  • Discuss hens' nutrition and housing needs
  • Look at two different chicken enclosures and note the pros and cons of each type
  • See how hens can be useful in a food garden.

When: Saturday 4 August 2:30 pm - 4 pm

Contact Kathryn to book your place and find out where to meet! (Ph 834-1482)


Photo: Stephanie's (Taiwan) free range chickens

Fruit Tree Planting Workshop - Free

Learn how to plant a fruit tree!


When: Thurs 30 August 2012, choose either – 9 am -12, or 1-4 pm.

Where: Grandview Community Garden, entry opposite183 Grandview Rd - look for the WIC flag and walk across the grass.


Bus- Transport: There is a bus stop directly outside - Frankton (number 8) route,  Busit ph 0800-4287-5463.
Car - Park on the road

Bike: park by the shed


More information?  Tim ph 021 0387623 or 021 2243109 or the Western Community Centre (07) 847 4873

The Western Community Centre, WIC and Green Footprint recommend this workshop for volunteers who want to take part in the Nawton and Crawshaw free fruit trees for 100 homes planting project, for some or all of 4th – 7th September 2012. 


Photo: Fruit tree planting workshop at the SWPICS community garden in Tokoroa last week, led by Tim.

WIC Seed sowing and kumara propagation demonstrations

The seed sowing workshops WIC ran last year were very popular so we are running a similar series again. We will only run the demonstration Thursday night if there are enough bookings: if you would like to come, contact me by Wednesday 22nd, 9 am.

The seed sowing and kumara propagation demonstration times are:

  • Saturday 18 August, 10:30 am, Grandview Community Garden. All welcome, no booking required.
  • Thursday 23 August, 10 am. Grandview Community Garden. All welcome, no booking required. Enter through the gate opposite 183 Grandview Rd. Frankton No. 8 bus route.
  • Thursday 23 August, 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm, Waikato Environment Centre, Central City. Bookings required by 9 am Wed 22 Aug. Light meal provided.
  • Saturday 25 August, 3 - 4 pm. Grandview Community Garden. All welcome, no booking required.

We will show you how to sow your spring vegetable seeds. We will also show you how to propagate kumara (grow new sweet potato plants). 

We will demonstrate how to make seed raising mix and basic potting mix.

We will show you how to make a basic cloche to keep them warm.

Learn which seeds are suitable to sow now.

Bring some seeds and seed trays or flats if you have them.


Thursday night's (23 August, 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm) Seed Sowing and Kumara Propagation Demonstration has been Cancelled due to lack of bookings. 

If you miss any of the WIC workshops, you are welcome to visit Clare & Tim at the Grandview Community Garden (they are usually there on a Thursday or Saturday morning) and they can usually give you a quick lesson. 

Many of the handouts from the workshops can be downloaded from Ooooby as well.  Our most popular handout is about where to get free or cheap compost and mulch ingredients - you can read it/download it from here.



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