kermit in the backyard

I was in my garden the other day about to pick a marrow when i spied a cute little green frog sunning himself. It just proves that organic is the only way to go, especially when you get these cute little pest controllers living on your veges!!!!

frog on zuchinni.jpg

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  • Hi richard i have a frog that lives in my pond i was wondering if you could identify it for me i have a picture of him sitting on a lily pad he looks very similar to the zucchini frog!

    Picture 2007 -2009 169.jpg

  • Thanks for that Richard, i love frogs they are the litmus paper for a healthy environment, so was very excited to find it on my marrow
  • Hi Janet,

    You may be interested to know that that cute little green frog is actually an endangered Australia that is.

    What youv'e got is a Green and Golden Bell frog which is a native of Australia. The species somehow managed to find its way across the Tasman many years ago and have thrived over here. In New Zealand they are quite common but back home in their native country they are critically endangered. So much so, that when a population of them was discovered during the building of the Sydney 2000 Olympic venue in Homebush Bay the complex had to redesigned to accomodate the frogs!

    They have a wonderfully hypnotic call in the summer months. Enjoy.

  • Hi Kate, yes I agree he is very cute. Have to admit I have a soft spot for frogs. We have a one eyed frog called Mono ( he was born like that) as a pet inside. He is our natural fly killer. At night I go around the house with a butterfly net catching all the house flies and he does the rest. ( My husband rolls his eyes and wonders whats he married!!)
  • I am so jealous! That is the cutest pest control ever!
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