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  • I have blackberries, if anyone wants to come out and pick them.

  • Free workshop in Hamilton this weekend: Build a low cost shade house


     Grandview Community Garden this Saturday Nov 17th, 9am to 5pm:


     All welcome- bring tools if you have them.


    Park on Grandview Road and enter through the gate opposite 183 Grandview Rd. (Look for the banner ) Bus route number 8 (Frankton)


    Get in touch if you have any questions: Tim ph 021 2243109 WIC Community Garden Mentor

  • Free Getting Started with Back Yard Chickens Workshop this afternoon

    WIC still has a few places available on a chicken workshop in Hamilton this afternoon, so we are opening it up to the broader community. 

    Time: Today (Saturday 4 Aug), 2:30-4 pm.

    Where: Hillcrest, Hamilton

    If you would like to go, give me a call on 021-8816-8988 to find out where to meet.

  • The annual NZ Tree Crops Association Waikato Branch Tree Sale is on the 7th July this year in Hamilton - a great place to pick up some more unusual trees, shrubs and plants for your garden, or to sell some of your own excess seedlings.  For more info see the Ooooby events page

  • Hi all. Does anyone know of a source of willow stakes around Cambridge? I would like to make some teepees for my potager. I was hoping some kind person in the country might have some willow trees that I could cut a few stakes off. Thanks, Rosemary.

  • Hi, I'm fairly new in the Waikato - have been vege gardening, seed saving, composting, preserving and all that for years, and am now starting over in a new place. It's got quite a few big old neglected fruit trees of various sorts, so I'll be trying to reinvigorate them and plant new ones. Plus lots of space for vege gardening.

    Here's a question that's a bit off-topic perhaps - do you know anyone who's looking for somewhere quiet, green, etc to live? I'm looking for a flatmate (semi-rural, between Cambridge & Hamilton). Any thoughts, please get in touch. Thanks Jude

  • Nourish Mag and Healthy Kitchen are bringing best selling author Of Nourishing Traditions to Hamilton on the 4th of April.  This is a must for anyone interested learning about the health benefits of eating a traditional diet, raw mil, organics.....   http://www.healthykitchen.co.nz/webapps/i/72855/110950/408436

  • Hi, I live in Cambridge on a quarter acre but work in Hamilton (and occasionally Tokoroa) so am also a member of the Hamilton, Sth Waikato and WIC groups. 

    Blackberry jelly! Have been squinting at the bushes on the side of the road as I drive along to try and see if they're ripe yet :-)

    Quinces produce a beautiful coloured jelly.  The fashionable/Spanish use is to make Quince Paste which you have with cheese and a glass of wine.  My mum used to simply stew them with apple - my husband loves them like that.

    I've been waiting for the quinces to ripen up so I can make spiced quince cake with rose scented custard.

  • I will google some recipes, will give them ago this year. I finally have enough blackberries to make some blackberry jelly. Now that is yummy.

  • Hi Kathryn, my mum makes jelly with them... its priceless on hot scones with cream... reminds me of my Nan every time! so good. Try googling for more recipes using them perhaps?

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Foraging in Cambridge

FORAGING IN CAMBRIDGE On Friday 3 Feb 2012 local gardening writer Alison Worth wrote in the Waikato Times (p.12) about the benefits of both council planted and neighbourhood planted food in public places including the 'guerrilla garden' in a Cambridge cul-de-sac and a Cambridge street planted with lemon trees. I've had someone asking if there is a list of Cambridge places like this. The Free Food New Zealand map at http://bit.ly/EzJMv has our lemon tree lined street listed, but nothing else.…

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