March 19


Te Awamutu

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Garden watering, to be a gardening buddy, Food from my garden

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Lots of years in the garden

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Buying Local Food, Bartering Local Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, Helping Others, WWOOFA Hosting, Seed Savers

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At the moment I have lemons, lemonaides, and loads of mint - a few lettuces and some weathered winter cabbages and silverbeet. BUT the plum tree is in blossom, the nectarines and peach trees are too and soon my cherry and apple trees will also...

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  • Hi again Anna, thankyou for your reply and kind invitation. meant to include my ph no  so here it is now 2807335 which is a landline with slingshot , I look forward to hearing from you when you get a chance. Bye for now Jan.

  • Hi Anna, I have recently shifted to Te Awamutu and looking for like-minded people to connect with. I've been a member of the Tauranga Ooooby group for several years and miss the gatherings etc. cheers jan.
  • nice to see you pop up on Oooby anna, I hope things are going well for you and your family, happy new year

  • Hi Anna :) Sorry i didnt let you know that your parcel arrived! Many thanx. Your bread bug was awake after a couple of feeds, hes rising at the moment for fresh afternoon bread. One question did you get your bug from the place whos information you sent? Or did you make it your self from the instructions in the second bit of info you sent? Artichokes are going in today :) im off to do it now.

    All the best x.x

  • Hi Anna, I'm in West Auckland and after a quantity of comfrey for a largish area that we want to plant potatoes in, do you have a lot or a little spare?  Am loving your photos as I write this.

  • How do I give you my address


  • I'm at Hautapu, just outside of Cambridge.
  • HI Anna, re your cat problem, it is a perennial one for sure, if you go to the trademe discussion board http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/SearchResults.aspx

    and put in ' cat' in the search bar, change to posts in the ' last year', you will get many threads of people discussing this topic, maybe one has a solution!

  • i haven't forgotten you.  It's coming. Thanks for asking, the bone mended ages ago - I'm told its the scar tissue that causes problem and I'll be right in 18 months. Another 4 months to go! Managed to keep the Food bank happy all season but have just run out.  The leeks not big enough. Have tomatoes up on the window sill. Have seedlings of chard and pac choi potted up ready to go when they're big enough. Yakon is wonderful,eh? I've baked it, chopped it up in stews and in fruit salad.  Have given heaps of pink knobs away and still will more than double production for next season. Concentrating on stuff that will travel and hold - for foodbank.  Canasta lettuce from Kings is the best lettuce for that. Happy gardening!
  • Anna,  I have found your address and realised I didn't send you the seed.  I'm sorry.  Life is still abit of a struggle as the broken bone is taking such a long time to mend.  But I'll get you some for next season!
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