Growing your own in your Canterbury backyard, lifestyle block or as part of a local community garden? Then this is the group for you...
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  • Greetings from The Just Dirt Trust we have been having fun for just over two years now.We are engaged in various projects here in Christchurch and other places in NZ.We are gardening in schools,and with other organisations.We are here to help in any way we can,check us out on Facebook,kindest regards.

  • A group of local growers have recently launched a website promoting our vegetable seeds. Check out

  • This event (flyer image below) will greatly interest those of us interested in growing or wild-harvesting food.  And those of us interested in improving our health and wellbeing. 

    From these people I've learned of the great benefits of allowing so-called "weeds" to grow, and consuming these weeds in some particular ways that are tasty and easy.  Makes gardening so much easier, and makes your health and wellbeing so much better!

    I'm really looking forwards to it - it's on Tuesday evening.

    Comment here or Message me directly if you want more info.

  • (Click on the image to see a bigger version of it)

    (If you still can't read the detail, then Comment here with a question or send me a Message.)

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  • Hi all,i'm after some cuttings from any heirloom table/seedless Grapes if any one has some that i could get a shoot or two from.

    There used to be an old couple down at Brooklands that had at least 40 different types of old variety's but i don't know what ever happened to there collection when they got too old ,they used to sell plants from there gate so surely there must be some there plants around Canterbury somewhere

  • Hi Hanna,yes i know some farmers who wouldn't mind someone shooting a few bunnys on there places,give me a PM
  • Hi, is this group still active? I live in Christchurch and have only 660m2 :-) However I thought I'd join anyway to see if anyone in this group has any pesky rabbits or other pests they would like to get rid off. My partner and I are looking for somewhere local to shoot the odd rabbit for the pot.
  • Wow they do have a great range alright

    This is another supplier I found on the web for those treasured seeds we also desperately need to get
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