So how are freedom forests going?

I went to an "exhibition" a year ago and supported a submission to Christchurch City council to develop freedom fruit parks in poor suburbs, does any one now where this is at nationally? Very keen to combine guerilla gardening with fruit forests in chur.

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  • That's good to hear George. It's a shame to hear about what has happened in Whanganui. In Wellington, Kai o Te Aro is putting in a small public orchard at the end of Aro St as part of their multi-site community gardens, and the Brooklyn Transition group put some in a while back somewhere in Brooklyn, which unfortunately I've not yet been to yet
    It seems to me there is a small, yet passionate and growing number of people within the cities interested in seeing more food growing locally.
    I'd love to see more guerilla food forests happening around the place though.
    • Hi Denny: I know the Transition Town group in Devonport is very active, and is giving away free fruit trees. Also there is a guerilla gardening effort to plant fruit and nut trees in public parks in the Devonport area.  And, I have just decided to spend most of my savings on nut (not fruit) trees to give away to people who live in cities, primarily.  From watching this guy: Dmitry Orlov:  it was a good reminder that any cash I have in my savings will most likely be eroded very quickly by hyperinflation. So I am going to spend it on nut trees while it is still worth something.  If I am wrong, and the economy continues for a few years, I will get a job and replace the funds. If I am right, and money will soon be worthless, I will have provided some good quality protein for hundreds of families for generations to come. Diane
  • Bugger

    We put in 9 extra peach trees three existing and 5 fejoia planted by the council CCC all doing great, fruit being used by the public which is great!

    I'd like to see more success stories, sad about vandalism portable electric fences might work hahaha
  • HI I don't know the answer to your question George but i did hear very sad news a while ago about the fruit trees planted in Whanganui which were continually vandalised
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