Looking after four-legged friends

Hi, I have an old dog (13 years) and a mature-age cat.  The dog has just been diagnosed with colitis and as this may be a long-term thing for him, I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for food likely to agree with him that doesn't include commercially-bought products.  At the moment he is living on steamed rice and chicken.  He's otherwise a very fit, healthy animal, good teeth, muscle tone etc.  Likewise the cat, but I would just like to get them off commercial products, I don't feel they are the best thing for them.  Just interested in comments and experiences. Ditto for flea control and shampoos. Thanks.

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  • O.K. I think that various breeds suffer from this more than others, a 13 yeat old Dog gets all sorts of odd things, just like a person of an equivalent age.

    I read once where a Woman gave her dog a diet of raw food including carrot and apple, though not in excess. Its about trying to chance the Diet, but one thing don't give the Dog those little Biscuit things, they seem to reap havoc on an older Dog. 


    I hope that you find this Link helpful. I also use Lavender oil in small amounts around m,y Dogs bed this aids in relaxation, which helps recovery. best of Luck. 


  • Hi, Wendy...I think the rice should be good for the dog and certainly may help his colitis...poor thing. As a colitis sufferer myself, and it usually is a permanent condition you have to adjust to in order to keep it under control. You may want to check with your veterinary clinic or pharmacist. It doesn't cost anything to ask questions, and if you love your pets like I do, you will do anything for them. Good luck with your four-legged "babies."
    • Hi Gyda,

      He is under vet care but I also think he will have colitis for life. I have ulcerative colitis and did not even know that dogs and cats can get it. So apart from wanting to help my dog, I'm interested in what works for him! I have put him on mashed veges, rice and steamed chicken and so far so good (one whole day!). Thanks for your comment.
    • Wendy...Then you suffer just as I do. I didn't know a dog or cat could develop colitis either, but it sounds like you're doing everything you can for him! Good luck!
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