This is a group to discuss your tips add recipes for various things etc so its all in the one sopt.
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  • My mother who is in her eighties is the plastic spring clothes peg queen. She always has some in her kitchen for closing bags for in her pantry and her freezer. Easy for an older person to put on and remove. They are sturdy and easy to obtain.

  • wendyl nissens green goddess website is great for cleaning aids that save you money - laundry, blueo, etc
  • Something I've been doing lately, you guys probably already know this, is using milk powder instead of bottled milk its way cheaper. 1kg pack is about $11 and makes 10 liters of milk. Saves going to the shop all the time as I never used to come out with just the milk I went in for!
  • I stopped using rinse aid in my dishwasher years ago because of the expense. Will give the white vinegar a try, and bulldog clips for keeping bags and packets closed is a great idea! Large bulldog clips would work well on bags of seed raising mix etc.
  • Yes, I use the bulldog clips for keeping bags and packets closed too. They are much sturdier than the plastic clips and are definitely less expensive. I noticed that Tony posted to use white vinegar rather than the expensive rinse aid in your works, things come out just spotless, and the dishwasher interior stays much cleaner with no leftover residue.
  • Good one Dorothy, will encourage her to try this, Thanks!
  • hi another good thing for your daughter to practice is a torn sheat made into pillowcases
  • LOL Lynda, I don't need spotless, though lint bugs my Virgo sensibilities, I just need to be able to see through them.
    Right now my south windows are turning into my plant area until the lights go into the basement. I will be doing my indoor veg in the basement so that I can water without concern for flooring.
  • Newspapers for window cleaning is no longer satisfactory as the type of ink used has changed. I use an Enjo cloth, spray with water, scrub with cloth, scrap/wipe with rubber edged window wiper. Expensive outlay, but well worth it if streakless windows are your thing!
  • I love the industrial paper clips! They come in several sizes if you go to an office supply store.
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Old Dog with Colitis

Hi you could try cooking your dog up some veggies each day, mashing up, letting it cool down and mixing in a teaspoon of Lifestream Barley Grass powder. It helps to alkalanise the blood and might help doggy to feel better.

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Looking after four-legged friends

Hi, I have an old dog (13 years) and a mature-age cat.  The dog has just been diagnosed with colitis and as this may be a long-term thing for him, I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for food likely to agree with him that doesn't include commercially-bought products.  At the moment he is living on steamed rice and chicken.  He's otherwise a very fit, healthy animal, good teeth, muscle tone etc.  Likewise the cat, but I would just like to get them off commercial products, I don't feel they…

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