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February 5


Spokane, WA

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My small garden is full of mainly perennials and some annuals. I garden for the enjoyment of it and also to create a welcoming habitat for the native birds. I also grow tomatoes and herbs. My husband does the heavy labor and has also built bird houses, bird feeders, and containers for my plants.

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  • Hello Gyda

    I think maybe Kali is feeling it much more than many on here, as her son was friends with one of the miners. The rest of New Zealanders are simply shocked and feeling extreme sympathy for the families at this time.
    The mine was very different from the one in Chile, it is a coal mine, and is prone to buildups of gases, like methane and carbon monoxide. Unfortunately, something has gone wrong with the ventilation system, it seems, and therefore something ignited a buildup and there was a massive explosion. 5 days later, while rescuers were still determining whether it would be safe to enter to help rescue the miners, there was a further, much larger explosion, and it is then that it was clear nobody could have survived. There has since been a further explosion, hindering any efforts to retrieve the bodies. It's a very sad situation and one that has brought great sadness to that particular community, along with most New Zealanders. Of course, most will simply move into Christmas holiday mode, while the families and friends of those lost certainly won't be having a very happy Christmas.

    We all prayed and hoped beyond hope that there would be a positive outcome. The situation in Chile, being SO recent, served as a hopeful result. Sadly it was not to be.

    By the by....I have a friend in New Zealand who is from Spokane, so I know exactly where you are in terms of geography. I, however, do manage to garden in relative warmth, in comparison! lol Such stunning photos!
  • Thank you my friend
  • Hi Gyda, coffee would be great! you never know, miracles can happen. Yes the pansy is a distinct improvement!
  • Oh Gyda I can smell the Lilac now! How wonderful to have a gardening friend right near the Manito Gardens, come Spring you could take a picnic lunch and go together. Can't wait to see those photos.
  • Ah yes, I see where you live and your gardening challenges would be far greater than mine! I am just an impatient gardener. I looked up Spokane and the photos of the Manito Japanese Gardens and Duncan Gardens were lovely. Looks like an interesting city with an impressive river. I was born in Australia and lived there until 12 years ago, I have experienced bush fires and it can get very frightening. New Zealand does have bush fires but nothing like Australia for which we are greatful!
  • Hi Gyda, well it is supposed to be Spring here! Spring in New Zealand is a very turbulent time with blizzards in the South Island and icy rain and snow in the high country in the North Island alternating with 20 degree C days. We are near Hastings on the east coast of the North Island and are going through a week of winter type weather at the moment. It really makes it tricky in the garden, you can't risk planting anything heat loving outside until about the middle of November! With luck we should get a good growing season for the heat lovers this year right through till the end of April. No guaranty though! When you live as close to the South Pole as we do you never know.
  • Hi Gyda, thanks nice to meet you too :-) Have just discovered Ooooby so busy looking around!!!
  • Hi Gyda, glad you liked the photos, yours are rather special too. Yum! heritage tomatoes. Its spring here and I am cosseting some heritage tomato seedlings of my own, can't put them outside until about middle November because of the danger of late frosts. I can taste them already so hope for a good season of growing. Yeah the mallard ducks were lovely, that photo is from a place where we used to live. Each successive generation brought their babies up from the creek at the bottom of the garden to visit us and eat some home made bread. Very spoilt!
  • You'll do great Gyda!
  • Hello Gyda and "Welcome" to the new Funk & Flash From Junk & Trash group!

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