Old Dog with Colitis

Hi you could try cooking your dog up some veggies each day, mashing up, letting it cool down and mixing in a teaspoon of Lifestream Barley Grass powder. It helps to alkalanise the blood and might help doggy to feel better.

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  • HI

    we've cooked our dogs food for ages,

    I usually use about a kilo of mince, a cup of rice, and any vegies that are going soft, but ready for compost!, (no onions, danger apparrantly) and a clove or two of garlic(good for skin and flea repellant -strange dogs can eat garlic but not onions , I know!), fry it up with a little oil, then add water, enough to provide moisture and congeal. Once cooked, divide into old marg/butter containers and freeze.

    Before dogs were domesticated they ate all of what they killed, fur, stomach contents, hence they recieved a lot of roughage and grains/grasses/vegies.

    As I said, we've done this for years, our dogs have the healthiest skin and coats, but best of all, their digestion is GREAT! When ever we use commercial food, phew eeee! bottom burps are nasty!

  • Thanks Meredith. I've only just seen your reply- haven't yet quite found how to negotiate my way around the site but I'm getting there! Where can I get the Lifestream powder from?
    • You're welcome Wendy, Lifestream Powder is available from all good Health Food Stores and some chemists. If you go to their web site www.Lifestream.co.nz you can read all about it. I hope it helps.
    • Thanks.
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