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only starting to get my teeth into the 3/4 acre block we live on, have start of an orchard, apples apricot peaches plums(variety unknown) pears nashi, have had summer vegies each season, mobile chook pen is nearing completion, kids have own plots, soil is clay and boulders with intermittent reasonable areas! Keeps me grounded!

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  • Hi Lynda , just found this in a e news letter I get from an organic nursery.
    How can I repel possums from my garden?
    Try spraying the plants with a brew of Neem oil and fish-based liquid fertiliser. Possums are put off eating the roses and other goodies by the smell - so are rabbits and hares for that matter.
  • hello Lynda, how is your community garden progressing? We have over twelve families/gardeners at our Gorge Rd site and capacity for up to 40 families. Have just applied for another grant to install water tanks and irrigation pipes.
  • Hi Linda I read this about rabbits and wondered if either advice would work in some shape or form on possums or wallabys? rabbit manure liquified and painted on tree trunks as deterrent. Rabbits will not go through a wall of onions, even ornamental alliums.
  • hello Lynda, you might be interested to join the group https://ooooby.ning.com/group/vermiculture and start a new discussion there with your question about worms vs compost.
  • Oh, North Isle! I could see the mountains in your photos- beautiful! Yes clay is a sllow process to improve upon. I can slowly see a difference where we have mulched and manured, we've been here for 9 years, but have had children evrey 3 years,which slows me down dramatically. Now they abit older I can start being more consistant. Great background for you to base your growing knowlegde on! Its sad to thinkthat human intervention has weakened whats on offer for. I havent gotten into sprays and tonics, apart from compost, all my knowledge is in my head and yet to be expereince!, so i'm sure to ask advice. Thank you for the tea sets, the faeries, would surely love them!
  • central North Island, but we usually get snow when they do in the south as we are at a high altitude. Snow capped mountains to the north and we have just lost the snow from the ranges to our east south east so signalling time to plant out frost tender plants. I have clay and boulders too and have slowly been improving my soil with compost sheep poo (farmers are usually happy to have someone excavate it out from under their woolsheds for them) and barkchip from the local mill. Coastal areas to the south of us dont seem to get the frosts we do, particularly the east coast Hawkes bay / Napier area is a warm growing spot. I grew up on a small non comercial organic orchard and planted my own tiny orchard but am really struggling with how susceptible to pests and disease the fruit trees from comercial nurseries are now. For instance the old wild plums around my section are looking healthy as but my comercially bought ones are looking a bit sick with aphids and the resulting disease they bring. It is thankfully looking fine enough for me to spray with a home made tonic today. As for the faries I have a couple of little china tea sets
    on log tables for them but I haven't seen any yet!
  • hi Lynda
    We can envy together. I live in a small town just south of Mount Ruapehu, had three days of frost less than two weeks ago the middle one froze the water in my wheel barrow this was unusually late and probably due to the late dumping of snow we had in october, Things are warming up and have planted my beans and potatoes but still not above ground yet. i am curently installing what I call my garden heaters (small broken concrete walls) so hopefully I can do better next year.
  • Hi there, I am loving ooooby, so much to find on here,except i have to go and ice some more biccies for Jed ....and the garden is calling me.I shall trade iced biccies for garden help.....a plan.
  • Hi Lynda
    Glad you liked the Borage blog. Happy Boraging!
  • You're welcome. I love connecting with other gardeners.
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