I had this all done and the page crashed, so upsetting.
I have a high canopy of six trees and two spruce. A low layer of two (large) juniper bushes and a couple of lilac bushes. Also I have been working on the ground plantings. I am putting in some Jerusalem Artichokes to get some height (maybe eight feet), but can't think of what to do for the rest of it.
I know that there are four layers to a proper wooded area, but I am hoping to fake it as this is a rental home. I intend to be here until we can afford to buy again.
Any ideas?
Year one (well, since July): I put in a bird bath, and some Virginia Creeper in some of the out lying areas of the small yard. The compost bin went in, and a starter garden went in.
Year two I intend to improve the garden and flowers, but really have a desire to get some of the birds drawn to the yard and perhaps give the migrating song birds a rest stop. 

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