A place for those of us who love to garden to attract a wide variety of birds, and to discuss the many benefits of protecting our beautiful winged friends.
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  • I have a new bird feeder that was given to me recently. My main customers are sparrows but I have had 3 green finches that have had a snack in between visiting the sunflowers.
  • 2170541599?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Yes, my Goldfinches have returned as well as some Hummingbirds.  I had a researcher in my backyard yesterday, and he banded two Calliope hummers.  This one in my hand is about to fly off!  What an exciting experience!


  • Are the birds coming back to your garden? So far I just have a couple that I recognize from last season. The bird bath is in full use though it seems.
  • Kristen...Wow, you certainly have a large variety of birds! So many are so different from ours, so I will need to go online to see what they look like. It is difficult to get good photos, but in warm months I sit out on my deck under my open patio umbrella...the birds don't seem to notice me as much. The Wild Turkeys that have been coming around are to the point they don't take off when I open the slider door, so I can get quite close to them now.

  • Hi there, we are hosting yellow hammers, chaffinches, gold finches, blackbirds, thrushes, starlings, sparrows, Rosella's, Tui's, Kereru - wood pigeons and our native Falcon at the moment - its showing up because of all the others. I have a pair of fantail pigeons that have moved in to the pigeon loft and they have produced 2 clutches of babies. One fledged and the new ones peeping still in the nest. Its all about babies at the moment with the chickens going broody at a rate of 2-3 a week, (pests), a couple of lucky ones have been given fertile eggs to sit on and the budgies in the aviary are sitting on their own clutch. The winter here seemed to end with a bang with some wicked storms and only a month after the last one we almost feel like a drought the ground has dried up so fast. Sorry for the lack of photos. The camera isn't that good on hiding round the corner pics hoping the flock doesn't fly off when it sees you before you get that shot. I need a better lens.
  • Hi Dorothy...I found this link, and it has easy recipes and other links for bird feeders and homemade bird food: http://www.ehow.com/way_5142822_easy-homemade-bird-suet-recipe.html foods...
  • can you please put some ideas about making wild dird feeders please
  • We have the Black-billed Magpie here, and they stay around all year. What type of Magpies do you have? If you have a digital camera, could you post some pictures of your feathered friends? I think it's interesting the different birds in different parts of the country. You should get a book...I'm actually keeping a log now as my winter birds are arriving. Also, Cornell University has a wonderful online site, and you can see pictures, read about the birds' habits, and even listen to their individual call or song. That's how I identified the Great Horned Owl...by his hoot...it was still so dark, all I could see was his silouette when he took off out of the trees. I've uploaded a shot of one of my Magpies...they are real comedians and very noisey...I just love them.

  • I still have all my little wren birds. (not having an idea of what they are called) These stay for the winter and frequent the feeders. We have some magpies but they are getting ready to leave. Camp robbers, blue jay, steller blue jay, different wood peckers, and some cute little grey bird with brown on it that seems to be a ground nester. I need a book LOL
  • Margaret, That's wonderful! I am so glad she is healing, and I will keep her in my prayers. I still have the House Sparrows who are sort of pesty...besides the Pine Siskins, I've had Oregon Juncos, Northern Flicker, Magpies, and California Quail...also House Finches. Early one morning this past week, I could hear a Great Horned Owl hooting...all of a sudden he flew out of a huge pine tree...totally silent in flight...beautiful!
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Gardening for birds

I had this all done and the page crashed, so upsetting.I have a high canopy of six trees and two spruce. A low layer of two (large) juniper bushes and a couple of lilac bushes. Also I have been working on the ground plantings. I am putting in some Jerusalem Artichokes to get some height (maybe eight feet), but can't think of what to do for the rest of it. I know that there are four layers to a proper wooded area, but I am hoping to fake it as this is a rental home. I intend to be here until we…

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making wild bird feeders.

One of my favorites to make involves children (of any size or age), pine cones, peanut butter and suet, and bird seed... and something to hang the bird feeder up like a wire loop. I heat the peanut butter and suet to a smooth consistency, when cool enough to handle roll the pine cones in the goo mixture. Then roll in bird feed (sometimes I add raisins also) and chill to set. Once firm attach the hanger and hang from the tree of choice. I use string from the limb to the pine cone.  They look…

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Hummingbird Migration

It's late in the summer here, and I've noticed a decrease in the number of hummingbirds I'm getting at my feeders and flowers.  I'd like to hear from you on the arrival or departure of your hummers and what type of hummingbirds you've attracted to your garden.ZippingAway.jpgYoungCalliope2.jpg

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