Balm of Gilead

Does anyone grow and use it? It isn't the REAL Balm of Gilead, that's a resin from a tree, but this is a smallish mint like plant with a divine spicy resinous smell. It's growing well, but I don't know how to use it- any ideas?

 I make oils and salves etc from all the other herbs I grow, but this one has me stumped- google can't help, only with the genuine Balm...

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  • I have used this before, primarily as a rose companion plant. Don't know about medicinal uses. We used to grow it from cuttings when w wanted more.

  • Lynn... you are correct. It is indeed the plant you name. Thank you. It is growing strongly and smells lovely. I shall have to research it's uses now I know it's real name! Thanks!

  • I have tried to grow this from seed twice to no avail, will be interested in the replies

  • Teeli - do you have a clear photo of the plant, with flowers? You mention that it is a mint-like plant, and with that description, I would tentatively (but not conclusively, without proper identification) suggest that it might be Cedronella canariensis -  and if so, it has been used in the past to make a remedy for sore throats, coughs and laryngitis. It can also be used externally to ease inflammations due to rheumatism and arthritis. The leaves and stems, dried, are nice in pot pourri. If you put Cedronella canariensis in your search engine, you may be able to positively identify it with pictures compared to your plant.

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