Rabbits in my garden

Is there a herb that will repel rabbits. I need to plant a thick boarder of it!!!

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  • I'm all for wormwood but Tara MacFarlane down the road from us reports the bunnies eating her wormwood to the ground and killing it. Any other evidence that it does or does not work on rabbits?

  • catmint :) if you have cats in your garden, you won't have rabbits:)

    • I want a cat but have to convince my hubby, this will be another reason to get one, along with the fact that mice were in his underpants drawer last night....

  • According to an NZ Gardener reader, plenty of marigolds work quite well. She had all her lettuces bunnied until she planted marigolds around them. we have plenty of rabbits but, although we've had rats and birds attack the garden ,not a lot of sign that might be rabbit and no bunny bullets left in payment.

    BTW, it seems that rabbit poo is the most nutritious of the manures according to our forest garden book.

    • I have marigolds by my spinach and it was the only vege left untouched by the rabbits. Well I will get planting with more.

  • Any of the repellent herbs could help. Wormwood is very strong and can repel anything. Rue is another which has a strong odour. I also find chooks don't like peppermint pelegoniumn and this grows prolifically. Jane

    • I have a wormwood in a pot which I was worried about where to plant as it said that it stunts growth of other plants. Do you know how far away from other plants I can safely plant it. Could I take cuttings and make a hedge of it do you think? Is lemon balm considered a repellant herb?

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