April 13


Glen Innes

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Swapping Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, Helping Others, Seed Savers, Eating Local Food

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  • Hi Earl , happy to send you courier bag, i just put plants in wet paper , bend  the tops over a bit and then another layer of paper - put all into grocery bag, that goes into plastic courier bag and is usally received day after sending....I dont have much out of the ordinary really , lavender, shoo fly, peppermint mint (yum in with ice-cream), winter mint, tomatoes plants-still small (black from tula), pineapple sage cuttings, honeysuckle climber cuttings, cheers Helen

  • Hi  Earl , Just wondering if there is any chance of getting a little tumeric and if you grow any other spices , i dont seem to have heard much , but am sure there are spices grown somewhere out there!! not sure what i have to swap with you but maybe we can come up with something...

    kind regards, helen

  • Thought you might like this..


  • Glad the parcel arrived safely. I have heard about the corn treatment. It is supposed to break down the protein to make it easier to absorb but I don't bother.  The little cobs are pop corn.  They only grow just over a metre and have about  5 cobs to each plant.  Thought you might like to try them, too.  Have fun!
  • Thanks for that Earl. 4 mins is not much when you have to share it with someone who waffles!
  • Hi Earl. Yep, smoker was running hot. sold lots of jars at this weekend's Heroic Festival for Chch appeal. Yep, would love to pop by and you to pop by. This year I had super success with Ridge Gourd and will cook my first curry tonight and hope to have several of the sponges for pot scrapers. When's good? Ellen

  • Hi Earl. Congratulations on your tyre success, I remember last years disappointing findings when you showed me the potatoes. Mine have gone a bit better than last year but nothing compared to your Kumara. Guess I have to go with less as I start to run out of sunny spots now as I do not yet want to use the middle of the green patch we have left over.

    Congratulations to the Austrian Hullless, I have tried for 3 years, 2 packs, and haven't ever gotten one to germinate!!! If you have some left to swap a few seeds I can offer some back, eg Luffa or sorghum (grain) or a cutting of my hops plant.... I would love to have some success with that pumpkin next year. Cheers, Ellen (Sandringham, your visit to Heroic Gardens 2010)

  • Cool.  Nice one Earl.
  • Great.  I have forwarded your details on so let's wait and see.

    Yes I think we are due for a cuppa.  Maybe once we move into our new home you could venture your way over the seas to visit us here on the island??

    The TV programme sounds interesting.  I look forward to hearing more.

  • Firstly, I never sell seeds.  I give them away.  I will get you some fresh seed from this season.

    Next, they say you learn something everyday. Thanks for highlighting nixtamalisation!

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