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  • *BUMP*

    Aquaponic garden now set up but still keen to have a look at your setup shaun

  • Hello Shaun, keen to have a look at your aquaponic setup some time, perhaps this weekend?



  • Hi all :

    Dian has done in disks in her lower spine, 4th time, & the osteo arthritis in my shoulders is not improving, so time for change.

    Our Kaiwaka property, with 4 meter X 10 meter Flexi-Tunnel house, automated hydroponics, plus outdoor raised bed gardens, is for sale.

    Ph : 09 4312562.


    Dian & Dennis

  • Cool pool!! You could put containers around the pool and use a good irrigation system to supply them all and let them simply run back to the pool. This could possibly stop the pool freezing over in places and oxygenate it at the same time. You must have fish in there to provide ammonia which will convert to nitrites and the nitrites will then turn to nitrates which is the plant food. Start with fish first than add small plants just keep an eye on ammonia levels. Ammonia checking kit is about $30. For the system to balance takes about 6 -12 months. As you have lots of water you have great chance of being successful. My tiny test system is giving great results now, healthy fish and Marvin the fresh water mussel is very active, amazingly healthy plants and hardly any cleaning to do in the tank. We only use rain water which is making a big difference. 2170550456?profile=original  

  • 2170588210?profile=originalok hopefully this will show...

    here's the pool as it is.  Its in-ground with concrete stuff around.  Quite deep all over, no shallow areas so thinking just from what I've seen so far that we shall have to make a few shallow areas for planting.

    Something I'm wondering about, when can we add fish?  I stopped putting chemicals in about 3 months ago.  Do we need plants before fish or the other way round or it doesn't matter?  There are already a few bugs in the water.  Also the surface freezes solid for a month or two in winter, if there is fish in there will I need to break the ice a bit or will the filter that circulates the water provide enough oxygen?

  • wow its an amazing site!  Thanks for that.  Mothers day tomorrow so I'm having day off might troll the net and find out more, just usually lack the time to do it:-)


    Aquaponics, a pond, a swimming pool, natural looking, swim with the fish and eat great fresh vegetables and herbs, in your own back yard. This the dream. It can be done Riccardo. Who will get there first. On your mark, get set, go!!


  • Can you tell me more of how things are going?

  • Welcome Ricardo. Sounds interesting with the duckpond. The duckpoo might be a bit rich, but at least you will have a lot and you can always dilute it as you harvest it. Keep us up to date with it. As far as finding out what fish you can use, go and see your local DOC office or your local Ministry of Primary Industries. Our offices in Dunedin have been very helpfull. It appears a lot of the restrictions are to do with the transportation of fish. I think we are going to go with trout. Over the next couple of weeks we will start converting our research greenhouse to aquaponics and  all going well we will convert our first 27 x 7 meter tunnel house. Keep you posted. 

  • Welcome Margaret. Next time you are in Dunedin and you have time come and see my hydroponic business and I will explain how it works and plans to convert it to Aquaponics

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Why hydroponics

In the future hydroponics will be one of the best ways to feed the masses with high nutritional food, grown locally, with a very small carbon foot print.  Some systems such as AutoPot do not use any form of power at all. Less than 3% of the earth’s land surface above sea level is actually topsoil and the wealthy have an increased desire to build big flashy homes upon it outside the main urban densely populated areas.  With ideal growing areas located so far from international transport…

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