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Jerusalem artichokes, chokos, nettles, chillies, tomatoes. 3/8/10,we moved here just over 1 year ago, still settling in. Have new skin on the 4m X 10m Flexi-tunnel house, and hope to have it set up for growing vegetables hydroponically, within 2 months.

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  • Thanks for the tip! I was thinking about the soil - The land is by the beach and there's a high quantity of sand in the soil, as well as salt in the air. I'd like to learn how to get the soil to a good level, and design to protect the plants from too much salty wind, creating good foundations for a productive permaculture garden. Any ideas on where to get started? 

  • Hi,

    I have a licensed commercial kitchen and want buy taxed alcohol.

    what's the problem ?


  • Hi there

    never even thoguht of doing that with them, had made to batches of the pickle that someone posted, got another 6 kgs tonight!!! with the garlic will see what is left over as have sold most of it already and need to keep some for next year to plant, but once it is all out of the ground and dried off i will let you know, thinking of going bigger and better next year as had proved so popular!
  • thanks for replying. Dian your name is the same as my mum's friend but no she is not you! yes the white ginger flowers smell divine, i miss them
  • Nice Bell peppers!

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