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Have just come in from bagging my 1st bunny and even semi successfully skinned it( have great plans for a pair of slippers). Anyway when I cut open the belly there was a long 2cm wide strip running between front and back legs on each side of the guts. It was kind of a mustardy colour, hard and covered in wee boiled looking lumps, some white. Didnt smell too flash either. Have burnt the carcass( to the dogs dismay)Does any1 know what this could be and if its dangerous to eat- the dog got the head before i found it? and also how to identify other toxins/ diseases? Am really looking forward to eating bunny, esp. if its a free ranger i get myself, but I dont really want to make the family crook.


tried attaching photo but it took too long, can email it if you need a visual

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  • Hello there, Sounds like you might have found some rabbit milk stores. I usually just check the liver and kidneys for anything unusual. Most of my recipes involve pre boiled rabbit (2-3 hours) so no worries about eating after that. 




    PS Here s my youtube vid for an easy way to skin and gut your rabbits :

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