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Raising rabbits for Meat

I am looking for a breeding set of 3 (2 does & 1 Buck) rabbits to raise for meat. I am looking for nz white preferably but am open to other meat breeds as well. I am close to Rotorua, so would be best if its within the BOP or waikato. Ive got no prob

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Checking for disease


Have just come in from bagging my 1st bunny and even semi successfully skinned it( have great plans for a pair of slippers). Anyway when I cut open the belly there was a long 2cm wide strip running between front and back legs on each side of the g

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finding rabbits

Hi, I'm new to ooooby, but eating more rabbit is definitely on the to do list. The only problem is, where are they all? Our only serious rabbit contact is hours of driving away, including quite a bad stretch of dirt road (broken windshield last time)

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