Feel free to exchange rabbit recipes within the group and you will never have to buy meat again. Check out a few things you can do with rabbit meat at:


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  • Hi, we are going to Wanaka in a couple of months time.  Just wondering if anyone knows of a farmer in the area who might be keen to have his rabbit population reduced. 

  • Hello Shannon, perhaps you were thinking of Katherine's blog on breeding rabbits for meat?

  • wasn't there a group for breeding rabbits to eat? What happened to that?


  • Hi all :

    We used to eat a lot of rabbit, when we were shooting possums, and live capturing joeys, for export. Farmers were happy to have their vermin culled. When rabbits were plentiful, I would run my Victorinox Rabbiter knife edge up, down the spine, and back legs, peel back the hide, and remove the fillets, and back legs. The rest became dog food.

    The fillets are very tasty, when butterflied, pounded to a uniform thickness, chopped walnuts & mushrooms sprinkled on, then rolled, skewered with toothpick, baked in dish with olive oil, until cooked.

    Rabbit skin is much weaker than possum, and after tanning sheds a lot.


    Dian & Dennis

  • Impressive! Looks easier than what I've been doing (pulls off like a jersey, yeah right...) Will try it this way next time.
  • The easiest / fastest way I have found to prepare rabbits ready for the pot:



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Raising rabbits for Meat

I am looking for a breeding set of 3 (2 does & 1 Buck) rabbits to raise for meat. I am looking for nz white preferably but am open to other meat breeds as well. I am close to Rotorua, so would be best if its within the BOP or waikato. Ive got no problem with hunting rabbits just looking to add a more consistent amount to the table. Please let me know if there is all ready a group or discussion about this, that I couldn't find.

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Checking for disease

Hi Have just come in from bagging my 1st bunny and even semi successfully skinned it( have great plans for a pair of slippers). Anyway when I cut open the belly there was a long 2cm wide strip running between front and back legs on each side of the guts. It was kind of a mustardy colour, hard and covered in wee boiled looking lumps, some white. Didnt smell too flash either. Have burnt the carcass( to the dogs dismay)Does any1 know what this could be and if its dangerous to eat- the dog got the…

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