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Hi, I'm new to ooooby, but eating more rabbit is definitely on the to do list. The only problem is, where are they all? Our only serious rabbit contact is hours of driving away, including quite a bad stretch of dirt road (broken windshield last time). Not very economical or environmentally friendly! I've tried some online forums, but only got a resounding silence and our two friends with lifestyle blocks nearby own an air gun and rabbit hunting cat respectively. Does anyone have any tips how to find/approach people who might want to get rid of some bunnies?

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  • I'm happy to find this group. I've been contemplating starting to trap the local bunnies in my area as I notice that their populations are growing. I can't hunt them with a gun since it's illegal to fire any type of weapon in the city limits. Does anyone trap them and if so what type of trap and bait are you using?




    • Hello there, I use traps in the winter when food is scarce. I use the live catch cage traps baited with bits of carrot. You usually have to prebait an area for a week before they will think to go in the trap. I ve had mixed results in NZ as possums like the bait as well. I have however been looking into perhaps a more successful way to catch them in the public areas: LONG NETTING. I ve attached a video so you can see what its all about : 




  • Just an update on the bunnies. We asked the guy at the Hunting and Fishing shop in the weekend. He also said that they don't get contacted by any people wanting to get rid of bunnies, but recommended just to drive around the countryside where we'd like to hunt and knock on people's doors. He said he and his friends normally get friendly reactions. I do get the feeling, that people want to sniff you out in person if guns are involved, which is only fair. Might be a while before we can get out on a rabbit finding mission, but I'll let you know if we have any success this way. So far I've only seen people looking for bunnies on this site. Where are the successful hunters and how do you find your rabbits?
    • What I do is ask farmers they are usually very happy for you to be getting rid of there pests for free. Also DOC would be worth asking as they would know of rabbit hot spots in your area. I usually go out spot lighting on private farm. In a good night I might shoot anywhere between 10-60 rabbits giving me enough meat for a few months. Just skin and gut the rabbits and put them in the freezer until needed. 


    • Thanks for the tips, we'll definitely have a go at asking some farmers, just a question of finding the time at the moment. We are down to one rabbit in the freezer though, so we should get proactive at some point! Maybe I'll cook it in the weekend :-), I usually slow-roast them, we don't eat that much rabbit, so it's still something a bit special. For me rabbit is actually the 'traditional' Christmas food. It seems like my dad had an uncle who bred rabbits and who usually gave my grandparents one for Christmas and the family just kept that tradition going. My mom will usually marinate it overnight with garlic and yogurt. Yum! This is in Germany though, I think rabbit is a bit more special as a meat there.
  • how about posting this message in the Christchurch group; going around all the hunting shops and chatting to the owners to find out if they know of anyone who shoots rabbits for farmers and/or knows of any farmers/smallholders who might be happy for you to shoot on their land & leave your contact details with them.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks Megan! No luck at Gun City, but maybe that's the wrong sort of shop. I'll try some other shops when I get round to it. I suppose I could just call them, but personal contact seems somehow better when guns are involved. I also posted a message in the Christchurch group, lets see how it goes.
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