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I live in Mangere

I dont know anything about rabbits.

I dont have a fire arms licence.

What should I do to stop buying meat?

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  • Thanks for your answers, I am working on that.
  • Ask a few farmers if they need any rabbit pest control done. They are usually only too happy to have someone take care of there pests for free.


    Get a firearms licence and a 22 or just get a decent air rifle and spotlight, some snares, traps, etc to catch them with.


    Check out youtube for skinning and gutting techinques.

  • Maybe you could breed rabbits for meat? I don't know anything about it really, but I think they are actually quite a good option if you have little space and want to raise an animal for meat. Maybe another member knows more about this? The thing I would be worried about is the cuteness factor. It may be hard to kill something so nice and fluffy once you looked after it for weeks or months, but then maybe I'm a wuss :-)
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